1. Baby’s First Birthday Outfit Ideas

    Break out the bibs and birthday cake because it's time to celebrate. As your little one approaches their first birthday, it might feel impossible to keep a lid on your excitement. Did you invite everyone on your phone contact list? Of course, you did! This is a big day! 


    You may have also asked yourself: What will my baby’s first birthday outfit be? 


    We know you don't need another thing to stress about, what with managing your in-laws' schedules and baby-proofing the party room. That's why we've crafted a list of outfit ideas to make your love bug the star of the show.


    Close your eyes and blow out the candles! Your

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  2. 5 Unforgettable Family Photo Outfit Ideas

    If you’ve got a gaggle of little ones, getting a sweet family shot can seem next to impossible. It feels like there’s always someone fussing or looking in the wrong direction or spilling the contents of their sippy cup all over their shirt. 


    But with holiday card season approaching, we know that our fellow mamas are starting to think about how to get that picture-perfect moment (even if you have to bribe your kiddos to take the holiday photo!).


    One way to make snapping the perfect family portrait literally a snap is with matching or coordinating outfits. Matching sibling outfits are a fabulous way to add a fun touch to your family photos and make your whole crew look put-together and photo-ready. We’ve gathered five of our favorite family photo outfi

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  3. 5 Matching Sibling & Best Friend Outfits for All Seasons

    For growing girls, there’s nothing more precious to them than their best friend—except, maybe, their fashion choices. Whether it’s their closest classmate or little sister, little ones love to strut their stuff alongside their bestie—even the family kitty or pup can join in the glamor (with the right accessories, of course).


    Not only is it incredibly fun for girls to coordinate their daily wardrobes with each other, it’s also a special bonding moment for the whole family. It’s timeless—from star-studded holiday ensembles to blushing Valentine’s Day attire.


    By smartly synchronizing similar designs and styles, or simply browsing our sibling styles, your li

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  4. Water Safety for Children: 10 Important Tips

    If you’ve ever witnessed children playing in a pool or at the beach, you know the undeniable connection between kids and water fun. From splashing around in the kiddie pool to paddle boarding at the lake or zipping down tunneled slides at the waterpark, it’s easy to think that children were made for the water.


    But an unexpected water injury can derail your baby's first beach trip or summer fun if your kids aren’t being safe. Although child drowning is the biggest risk of ignoring the rules of water safety for children, there are other hazards to avoid as well. Cuts, scrapes, bruises, and other injuries can all occur when you’re on or n

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  5. The Best Tween Girl Gift Ideas

    Tween boys and tween girls are not always the easiest to shop for when it comes to finding the best gift. Tweenhood often comes along with a new school, new friends, and even brand new interests. You want to give your tween something she’ll love, but you aren’t totally sure what that means anymore. Whether it's a birthday gift, one for the holiday season, or a just because gift, it can be challenging finding the perfect gift. But most likely, she wants to stand out, define her identity, and find a style that’s uniquely hers.


    For that, RuffleButts new collection of tween swimwear checks all the right boxes.


    We’ve put together a handy list of summery gift ideas for tween girls, sorted by personality and interest. Read on to relieve that gift-giving stress, and find some

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  6. 3 Adorable Clothing Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Girls

    Gifts like toys and treats can be fun, but it’s also exciting to spoil your little princess with a practical gift she’ll love just as much: baby girl clothes.


    Aside from being practical (we all know kids can be messy, so there’s no such thing as having too many outfits), clothing can also spark your girl’s sense of style and imagination. Not to mention, a host of living room fashions shows. But how do you find the best gift idea for little girls?


    If you’re looking for fresh clothing gift ideas for the special child in your life, check out our top 3 adorable clothing gift ideas for 2 year old girl.


    #1 Springtime Separates 

    The first on this gift guide are fun a

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  7. 4 Back to School Gifts for Elementary Students

    After a summer of basking in the sun, going to the beach, and making memories at the park with your little miss, it’s time to prepare for the school season ahead. Whether it's the first day of preschool or the first day for a college student, a new school year is always exciting. You know you need to buy her school supplies, pencils, crayons and notebooks, but to get your young learner extra excited about the upcoming school year, consider surprising her with our favorite kind of back to school gifts for students—clothes! 

    A new school wardrobe can help your little miss start the year with confidence, especially as she starts to develop her own sense of style. But gift giving can

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  8. How to Prepare Your Little One for the First Day of Preschool

    Boxes of crayons, miles of pencils, school books, and aisles of backpacks—nothing says Autumn quite like the start of the school year. If you have a little one in the house and they’ve reached the age for preschool, preparing them for their first day be a mixed bag of emotions—awe at how fast they’ve grown, heartbreak for missed baby snuggles, and worry about sending them off with all the right materials and cute back to school clothes.


    Fortunately, prior to the first red leaf falling or the first yellow bus trundling down your street, there are some steps you can take to help ensure that your little scholar gets off to a good start. From the ABCs to the 123s, from backpacks to bedrolls, this guide has everything you need to know to prepare them for a great first day of

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  9. UPF vs SPF: What’s the Difference?

    UPF vs SPF: What’s the Difference?

    Whether you’re scanning the tide pools for all sorts of wriggly sea creatures or picnicking at the park, there are plenty of activities to dive into when the sun’s rays are on the rise. But when the sun is out, coverage is in—especially on your little honey bun. 

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  10. Easter Outfit Ideas for Baby Girls & Boys

    Easter Outfit Ideas for Baby Girls & Boys

    #1 Pastels

    Every year, Easter reminds us that spring has finally returned. Snow starts thawing, the tulips bloom, and you're eager to celebrate new beginnings with your closest friends and family. And that calls for a fresh Easter outfit so the kiddos can dress the part.


    Easter's associations with bunnies and springtime make it one of the best holidays to put your child's cuteness in the spotlight. But whether you're heading to church this year or throwing a baby animal-themed backyard blowout, just like those hidden easter eggs, Easter outfit ideas may not be as apparent as you think!


    Parents, grab your shopping baskets: with these 6

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