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5 Travel Accessories for Kids

Whether you’re planning a visit  to grandma’s house or Disneyland, packing for a getaway with kids can take a lot of thought. While you may identify as an expert packer by now, your baby, toddler, or child may need some help gathering the essentials. 


Travel accessories for kids range from basics like clothing and shoes to more elusive items, such as sunglasses or a good book. 


Fortunately, with our list of the top 5 travel accessories for kids, you can ensure you have all the best travel accessories you need for a fun-filled, stress-free family vacation.


#1 Kid-Friendly Luggage

Whether you’re traveling by plane or taking a long drive  to a hotel, it’s vital to keep track of all of your belongings. Let your younger kids  help out by providing them with their own luggage. 


Having your child pack and take responsibility for their own luggage can help them feel more like a grown-up. In fact, by choosing their own outfits, you can provide your children with a newfound sense of independence. So, consider taking advantage of kid-friendly luggage on your next trip. Finding the perfect luggage for children is also a good back to school tip for parents.


Need some examples of kid-friendly luggage?


  • Roller backpackA roller backpack makes it easier for your little kids  to carry their own suitcase . The perfect roller backpack can also be perfect for returning to the classroom in the fall, especially when paired with the ideal boys back to school outfit. Allow your child to roll their bag  through hallways, lobbies, and airports all on their own. 


  • Drawstring backpack – If you’re planning a short getaway, consider packing soft clothing or small items, such as toys or coloring books, into a drawstring backpack. With an easy pull drawstring, your child can quickly cinch the bag  shut and stay on the move.


  • Stuffed animal backpack – Gift your child a functional friend with a stuffed animal backpack. They can simply unzip their buddy to reveal a spacious bag with easy storage for all of their essentials. Plus, with a friendly and furry exterior, your young child can feel at ease having a travel buddy to hold their hand on a long road trip or on a plane. 


#2 Hats

Hats function as more than a fashion statement. Packing a hat in your child’s travel bag can help prevent scalp damage and sunburns, especially if you’re traveling to a sunny area or plan to spend plenty of time outdoors.  


Consider any of these stylish and protective options:


  • Sun hat – If you’re planning an educational trip to the zoo or a sun-soaked day at the beach, sun hats are essential. Our white sun protective hat, in particular, is made of UPF 50+ fabric to provide even more protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. This hat also features a comfortable tie to ensure it stays on all day long.

  • Ball capWith a front-facing bill, a ball cap can simultaneously protect the scalp of your child’s head and keep the sun out of their eyes, making this sporty hat option the perfect travel accessory for any outdoor event. 


  • Knit hat Are you planning on traveling during winter months? If so, you can warm your child’s heart (and ears) with a knit hat that can combat cold temperatures and keep them playing in the snow longer.


#3 Travel Activities

When your child thinks about a vacation, odds are they’re thinking about the destination, not the journey. But when packing travel accessories, you should make sure to add kid-friendly activities to your checklist to keep both younger and older kids  entertained during any road trip , long flight , or train ride.  


This travel gear can include:


  • Books
  • A travel toy 
  • A healthy snack
  • Coloring books and crayons
  • Portable DVD player
  • Stuffed animals
  • A travel pillow


Keeping your child occupied in a car seat or airplane seat with any of these items can allow you to focus on family travel logistics. Meanwhile, they’ll discover the pleasures that can come from the journey—not just the destination. 


#4 Clothes

For your child, vacation is essentially extended playtime, so it’s important to pack clothing that will allow them the flexibility to stay on-the-move. 


Consider packing a few of these comfortable, easy-to-wear clothing options when preparing for your getaway:


  • Play sets – Play soccer in the yard, have a cartwheel contest, and then go straight into naptime with a functional play set. A comfy play set can ensure your child is ready for anything you throw their way while on vacation. 


  • Rompers – Rompers provide a put-together look while offering full mobility. Opt for a one-piece with some summer flair to keep your little one feeling fresh and fabulous. Whether it be for travel or used as part of your girls back to school outfit, rompers provide versatility from the plane to the classroom. 


  • Cover-ups – A trip to the beach or pool isn’t complete without a stylish cover-up. A cover-up can also provide your little swimmer with an extra layer of warmth after spending time in the water. 


#5 Sunglasses

Sunglasses are crucial for protecting your child’s eyes on sunny summer days. You can easily pack this small accessory into your purse or their backpack where the little girls swimsuits and boy swim trunks are when going on outdoor excursions.


Your child can sport their sunglasses at:


  • The beach
  • The pool
  • A block party
  • The zoo
  • The park
  • An amusement park
  • A camping trip


Pair our kids white sunglasses with our white sunhat for a stylish and protective summertime look.


Travel in Style with RuffleButts

There’s nothing more exciting than visiting all the best places with your child. By packing the right travel accessories, you can ensure your little one is entertained, comfortable, and protected.


At RuffleButts, we offer a wide selection of high-quality play clothes, hats, swimwear, and more. So, before your next trip, shop RuffleButts and make packing a breeze.



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