7 Adorable Valentines Day Activities for Kids

#1 Craft Valentine’s Day Cards


Valentine's Day allows us to convey our adoration and gratitude to the ones we love. So, how do we express all the love in our hearts for our children? While your kids may not fawn over bouquets of roses or exotic dark chocolate, you help them participate in the holiday in other ways. 


Give your little ones Valentine's Day to remember by planning some fun-filled activities for the whole family. Whether your child has a rich imagination or a competitive spirit, you can put a lovey-dovey spin on just about anything. 


Hold onto your hearts—because these fantastic Valentine's Day activities for kids are about to take your breath away. 


#1 Craft Valentine’s Day Cards

What’s Valentine’s Day without a few love letters and a few Valentine's day crafts for kids? Having your child take the time to write a sweet note for a parent, sibling, or classmate can teach them some important values. 


This year, you can add some fantastic fun by skipping the store-bought cards and making your own instead. All you need is the following:


  • Construction paper
  • Kid-friendly scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers/Crayons/colored pencils
  • Extra decorations (lace, ribbon, glitter)


Practice showing love, gratitude (and a dash of artistic prowess) by creating a Valentine card that says it all.


#2 Construct a Love Letter Mailbox

With all the love letters pouring in, you'll need a place to keep them from getting lost. Grab an old shoebox and create a love letter mailbox. Cover the box in paper and let your child get to work making it their own. 


When you're all done, you can leave it out to drop letters into or use it as a time capsule. 


#3 Play Dress-Up

Get in the spirit by letting your little love bug dress up for a holiday. Whether they’re spending the day at home or headed off to school, a little Valentine’s Day flair can help them feel the love. 


Some go-to Valentine’s Day favorites include:


  • Dresses – If there’s ever an opportunity to wear an adorable frilly dress, it’s Valentine’s Day. Let your little girl twirl the day away in a gorgeous Knit 3/4 Sleeve Twirl Dress or a Princess Petti Dress. Layer a cute pair of ruffled baby leggings underneath to ensure she can move freely and stay warm at the same time. 


  • Romper – For casual comfort with a cutesy feel, choose a romper for your Valentine’s Day needs. A romper makes an excellent layering piece for those cold winter days.


  • Dress shirt – Valentine’s Day only comes once a year, so make sure to dress for the occasion. Try a darling Mia Top for your little girl, or layer up with a darling pink Ruffled Cardigan. And don't forget a long-sleeved shirt for toddler boys like the Handsome Button-Up Shirt or layer up with a stylish cardigan for that extra touch of Valentine's flair. These options for boys will have your little one looking dapper and ready for the day of love!


#4 Candy Jar Guessing Game

Like other holidays, Valentine’s Day tends to come with a lot of candy—but that doesn’t mean its only purpose is to fill your sweet tooth.


Engage your child’s critical thinking with a candy jar guessing game. Fill a glass mason jar with your favorite Valentine’s Day candy (preferably something small, like a candy heart or M&Ms) and have your active littles guess how many are inside. The winner gets to keep the jar and retire to Candyland in peace. 


#5 Build a Tower of Love

For this Valentine’s Day activity, have your kids construct a tower out of heart-shaped marshmallows and toothpicks. It’s not just for fun (though we’re sure they’ll have plenty)—kinesthetic activities like these can lead to higher engagement levels and participation among young learners. Plus, a little competitive edge couldn't hurt. 


Have multiple children join the fantastic fun and see who can build the tallest tower without it falling. Though you can declare a winner, with this game, everyone's a winner (hello, marshmallows).


#6 Do-it-Yourself Decorations

Spruce up your living room with V-Day decorations and let the kids help. Since no standard Valentine's Day decorations exist, you and your child can be creative and display your love however you'd like. 


If you'd like a few ideas for darling homemade Valentine's Day decor, you could try:


  • Paper Heart garlands
  • Tissue-paper stained glass art
  • Handprint hearts


Transform your home into a tunnel of love with just a few household DIY Valentine arts and crafts supplies. 


#7 Have a Dance Party

After a day of eating candy hearts and sugar cookies, your active littles may need to burn off some energy. Cut a rug with your love bug with a Valentine's Day-inspired dance. 


Let your kiddos get gussied up in their finest dresses or ballerina tutus, and turn up the volume.  


Introduce them to your favorite love ballads, or let them dictate the music. Either way, you’ll likely get some hilarious and adorable dance sequences. You may want to have your video camera ready. 


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