9 Super Fun Winter Activities for Kids

1. Try Winter-Themed Arts and Crafts

As the weather turns too cold and wet for many of our favorite outdoor family activities, you might feel stumped about which indoor winter activities for families you can try instead. Like you, many parents want creative family fun, enriching activities you can share with your little one—without shivering in the cold.


That’s why we’re sharing some of our favorite winter activities for kids. Scroll down to discover nine awesome winter activities you and your family can do together during the cold winter months. 

1. Try Winter-Themed Arts and Crafts

Both you and your child can access your inner artist and celebrate the frosty weather with some winter crafts for kids.


Here are some of our favorite winter craft options: 


  • Paper-snowflakes – For this classic project, grab a white piece of paper and some safety scissors. Fold your paper in half vertically, and then in half horizontally. Cut out shapes along the folded edges, and then unfold to reveal a beautiful snowflake. You can use your finished snowflakes to decorate your windows, or add some string and hang them from the ceiling. 


  • Cotton ball snowman – For this one, draw three circles on a piece of paper in the shape of a snowman. Then, spread some liquid school glue on the inside of your snowman craft. Add cotton balls to give your snowman craft a fun, fluffy texture. Once your glue dries, you and your kiddo can use crayons or colored pencils to color in the world around your snowman. 


  • Tree and window ornaments – You can make homemade ornaments to hang in your window or from a Christmas tree. For an easy version, you can buy blank wooden ornaments online or from a craft store and paint them yourself at home. You can also research more challenging ornament ideas for older kids. There's a lot of things you can do on Christmas Eve with kids.


  • Winter coloring books – Whether you buy a winter coloring book or print some winter coloring pages off the internet, coloring together can prove a fun, easy way to share time with your little one.


2. Build a Magical Twinkle-Light Fort

On days when it’s dark and stormy outside, you and your kiddo can make a magical world at home to play in by repurposing some holiday decorations to build a fort. 


First, collect your materials. We like to use:


  • A string of holiday lights
  • Tinsel garlands
  • Sheets
  • Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Sturdy furniture you can drape sheets from, such as four dining room chairs
  • Heavy books


Next, arrange your furniture pieces so they can hold up the outer edges of your sheets. Drape the sheet over your furniture to make a make-shift tent. Weigh the ends of the sheets down with heavy books to help keep them in place. 


Finally, it’s time to fill your fort with fantastic fun, and beautiful things! Blankets and pillows can make your fort cozy on the inside, while tinsel garlands and string lights can make your fort pretty on the outside. 


When your fort is ready, it’s time to put on those toddler girl pajamas curl up inside and see where your imagination takes you. 


3. Plan a Playdate

When life feels especially busy, we sometimes forget to make time to see our friends. If your kiddo seems bored with their normal activities, try making plans for them to see a playmate. You can have fantastic fun catching up with another adult while your kid can burn off some of that rambunctious winter energy playing with their friend. 


Planning a play date might turn out to be the perfect way to step out of your normal routine and have some extra winter fun.


4. See the Sights in Your City

If the cold weather gives you cabin fever, try taking your little one out to see one of the cool things your hometown has to offer.


While each city has different cool things to offer, here are some general ideas to help get you started:


  • Zoo or aquarium – Many kids love seeing the animals from their picture books up close in real life. Plus, all the walking around at a zoo means they’ll probably sleep well come bedtime. If there’s a zoo or aquarium nearby, consider planning a visit. 


  • Museum – If your city has a children’s museum, a natural history museum, or another museum designed for visitors of all ages, consider planning a visit. Visiting a museum can help feed your child’s curiosity and spark new interests. Many museums have specially-priced child tickets to make visits more accessible for families.


  • Holiday lights – Many neighborhoods put up gorgeous holiday lights in December. Worried about how to keep your baby warm at night? Try bundling up your kiddo in their favorite cold-weather clothes, packing some hot chocolate in a thermos, and touring the lights around you. 


  • Library – Did you know that if you read to your child frequently, it can improve their counting skills, help them as they learn to write their name, and make them more interested in reading or pretending to read to themselves? To help foster a love of reading, try taking your child to the local library. While there, you can also ask about your local library’s family-friendly programming to see if they’re hosting any events you might like to attend.


5. Plan a Family Photoshoot

You might think of a family photoshoot as official events where you have to show up on time and keep everyone’s clothes clean. But sometimes, a more playful, DIY approach can help you take more creative, joyful photos. 


First, have everyone pick out something fabulous to wear. Whether you go with the old favorites already in their closet or treat your kids to fun matching outfits like a toddler button down shirt with a cardigan for winter, try to involve your little one in the decision. That way, when it’s time for the photoshoot, they’ll be as excited as you are. 


Next, try going to a location with a beautiful backdrop where your family feels relaxed and happy. This might be a favorite room in your home, a local park, or a favorite city spot your family likes to visit. (If someone in your family feels shy, it might make sense to stick close to home to capture those natural, unguarded smiles you love.) 


When it comes time to take the photos, have fun! Whether you’re using your phone or a disposable camera, put on your favorite playlist and enjoy taking pictures of each other. Depending on your kid’s age, they might have fun taking photos too. Who knows—you might spark a budding interest in photography. 


Once you’ve printed out the photos, let your kid pick some to put in picture frames or up on the fridge. Every time you see them, you’ll remember that fun day. 


6. Dance Your Heart Out

Physical activity is important for all kids—but when the winter weather comes to town, it can be difficult to spend as much time running around outside. To squeeze some extra joy and physical activity into your day, try having a dance party. You can use your own go-to dance playlist, or you can help your child pick the music. 


Then, put on your kiddo’s play clothes, blast the music, and dance until you’re both collapsed on the floor and giggling. 


7. Enjoy Family Movie Night

If you’re looking for a way to make an ordinary night special, try planning a family movie night. 


Here’s our recipe for an awesome movie night:


  • Pick a movie together
  • Make some special snacks and drinks
  • Put on your favorite pajamas 
  • Grab a blanket and curl up together for a night of cozy, easy, winter fun


If a full movie feels too long for your kiddo’s attention span, you can pick a fun TV episode instead.


8. Snuggle Up for Storytime

Fun fact: The more you read to your child for fun, the more likely they are to have higher reading scores in school. Plus, reading together can also help your kiddo learn new words, encourage their imaginations, and give you a chance to bond and snuggle together. 


Whether you go on an adventure to your favorite bookstore or pull out an old favorite, curling up under the blankets and reading together can give you and your little one some lovely, relaxing time together. 


9. Bundle Up for a Park Day

Many of the other activities on this list are indoor activities, but hear us out—a park day can still feel super fun with a little cooperation from the weather and the right wardrobe. After all, kids enjoy outdoor recess all through the winter. Outdoor winter play can help promote exercise, strengthen the immune system, and stimulate the imagination.


Pick a sunny afternoon when the weather will feel (slightly) warmer. Then, pack some things to help you—and them—stay warm. 


We recommend for a fun outdoor winter activity: 



Once you’ve organized everything necessary to enjoy a cold weather park day, it’s easier to pop out when the mood suits you for a spontaneous adventure. You and your happy hooligans can run, play, and laugh together. You’ll be back inside with flushed cheeks and happy memories before you know it.


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