Break out the bibs and birthday cake because it's time to celebrate. As your little one approaches their first birthday, it might feel impossible to keep a lid on your excitement. Did you invite everyone on your phone contact list? Of course, you did! This is a big day! 


You may have also asked yourself: What will my baby’s first birthday outfit be? 


We know you don't need another thing to stress about, what with managing your in-laws' schedules and baby-proofing the party room. That's why we've crafted a list of outfit ideas to make your love bug the star of the show.


Close your eyes and blow out the candles! Your wish is about to come true. 


Tips For Birthday Baby Attire

Before we get into the outfit ideas, there are a few tips you can keep in mind when shopping for the perfect outfit. You know your baby girl best, so keeping her preferences and comfort top of mind will help you win the day. 


Speaking of comfort, did you know that 12-month-old babies can get upset quickly when faced with overstimulation? (Of course, you did, Supermom.) 


So to get the most joy out of your baby’s first birthday, make sure you: 


  • Choose an outfit that helps her move freely 
  • Dress her appropriately for the weather
  • Have a backup outfit option ready to go 
  • Take pictures before cake (and during, of course)


But don’t forget: this milestone is also a day to celebrate your achievements as a mother. So kick back, relax, and enjoy watching your sweet cupcake bask in the attention she loves to receive! 


Now, without further adieu, let’s get into some darling outfits, shall we? 


#1 All Gussied Up

First birthdays provide an excellent opportunity to dress your babyboy or baby girlin their best. There’s no better opportunity to put on that bow or frilled skirt that’s been hanging in her closet for months than on her first birthday. 


For festive flair with built-in comfort, go with one of these classy looks: 


  • RuffleButts – Looking for outfits that will match princess party ideas? These adorable shorts provide a comfortable diaper cover with a twist. They provide adequate flexibility (and a tulle tutu-esque, ruffly bottom) so they can move and dance with ease. With clothes like this, your little ballerina will have a twirl-tastic birthday. 


  • Sweaters – You can dress up any outfit in a pinch with the help of a cozy-cute sweater or crew neck. This warm piece can give reprieve on a chilly winter birthday and provide oodles of color and pattern. Plus, with their variety of options, you can make a sweater work with just about any birthday theme.


  • Dresses – Can you name anything more adorable than a one-year-old’s birthday dress? (We didn't think so.) Dress your little girl in a dainty twirl dress or sweater dress. Among the selection of girls dresses, you could also go full princess mode with a ballgown-inspired piece. Don't forget the tiara!


Keep your baby's dress clothes from collecting dust in the drawer. Instead, present them front and center of your birthday soirée. 


#2 Party in Pastels

If your baby girl is as sweet and gentle to the ducks in the pond as she is with her toys, then dress her accordingly in soft, delicate pastels. 


While pastels remain a popular pick for spring birthdays, don't let the season sway you. They're lovely for any time of year. Dress your baby with precious pastels, then accentuate the 1st birthday outfit with matching accessories.


Some excellent birthday accessories could include:


  • Fun, patterned socks
  • Brightly-colored bows
  • Floral tights
  • Cute headbands


Pastels also make for a lighthearted atmosphere and party space. Dress your space up in lively lavender, natural green, or dreamy blue. The birthday girl will make her rightful entrance as the princess of the flowery forest. 


Her majesty’s adornment? Try this powdered blue Puff Sleeve Tiered Dress or Long Sleeve Waterfall Bubble Romper


#3 Keepin’ It Comfy

At a baby's birthday party, comfort remains priority number one. Uncomfortable clothing like a too-tight headband or fussy collar could cause problems. Despite how the song goes—it's my party, and I'll cry if I want to— let's try to avoid giving them a reason.


Help your party gal stay bubbly on their birthday with the help of festive, flexible attire: 


  • RompersIf you're searching for a baby-approved outfit, a romper can make any birthday brighter. With plenty of room for leg movement, your little one can kick and bounce to their heart's content. 


  • OverallsOveralls don't just offer flexibility. They can also elevate any outfit into a birthday-worthy bash. Layer overalls on top of a striped shirt or match them with a bow. And just like that, you've got an unforgettable ensemble. 


  • LeggingsMake sure your babies have room to roam during the colder months with the help of some baby leggings. Mark the special occasion with a dressier pair with ruffles galore. (Ruffles are like frosting: You can never have too much.)


By dressing your child comfortably, you can ensure they feel adequately at ease when guests arrive. Plus, she’ll be endlessly smiling with glee in every single photo. 


#4 Baby’s First Pool Party

To mark one year of life, why not take bathtime to a whole new level? If you’ve got a summer birthday on your hands (and a kiddie pool in the backyard), you can throw her a little poolside party. 


Set yourself up for a successful splash bash by ensuring you have the following swimming accessories for kids:


  • Rash-guarded swimsuit
  • Sunhat
  • Sunglasses
  • Plenty of sunscreen
  • Soft towels (for your baby and your guests)
  • A warm, dry change of clothes


Babies love splashing around in the water, but they don't love feeling wet for too long. A change of clothes or plush towel can make a world of difference for your little one. Whether at the neighborhood pool or in your backyard, you can't be too prepared. 


#5 Matching with Mama

Join in on the festivities in a more literal sense by matching your outfit with your baby. Matching outfits will not only result in unbelievably lovable photos but also remind the guests who the Mama or Mamas are! 


You can go about matching with your mini-me by:


  • Buying a matching setShow your guests that you and your baby boy or baby girl come as a package deal. Browse our Mommy & Me collection and choose the one that you and your babe love most. You can make your duo entrance in countless ways, from dresses to rompers to swimsuits. 


  • Coordinating costumesIf your little one's birthday lands close to Halloween (or you've been itching to throw a costume party), this could be your golden opportunity. Try an adorable joined costume (like a mama kangaroo and her baby) or something silly and creative.


  • Wearing matching colorsIf you don't have clothes that perfectly correspond, you could always dress in the same color scheme as your baby. Grab some matching party favors and decorations for an all-out colored theme. Even the guests can join in on the fun! 


Matching with your little boy or little girl allows you to appreciate your special bond (and feel a little celebrated yourself). After all, this birthday marks one year of motherhood, too. You earned that extra slice of cake and more. 


#6 A Holly Holiday Birthday

If your birthday sweetie has a birthday close to the holidays, consider throwing a birthday and holiday combined bash. One thing is for sure: A whole new avenue of darling outfits opens up with this option. 


Here are a few holiday birthday outfits to consider: 


  • ChristmasIf your baby is hearing jingle bells around the corner, provide some cheer with festive clothes that are as cozy as they are vibrant. Choose delightful designs like peppermint stripes or Elf green complete with a bow Mrs. Claus would approve.


  • Valentine’s Day – Is her birthday close to Valentine’s Day? Show your little lovebug that they’ve got your heart forever with darling dresses and adorable accessories, like twirl dresses, ruffle rompers, or princess-worthy petticoat dresses. 


  • EasterAs spring comes along, welcome her first birthday and the Easter Bunny. Browse Spring New Arrivals for gorgeous dresses, rompers, and other springtime staples. She’ll have a blast coloring Easter eggs dressed in colors that match her favorite creations.


If you’ve got a special holiday outfit hanging in her closet, there’s no need to wait until the holidays to wear it! Throw an at-home party with your clan on a random Tuesday night and use that as an excuse to dress up. Fun clothes are meant to be worn. 


Celebrate Her First Birthday the RuffleButts Way

Your baby's first birthday marks a momentous occasion: a time to celebrate her first words, her first few steps, or her unique personality traits developing right before your very eyes. 


Pretty soon, you’ll get to witness how big she grins when she smashes birthday cake in her face—but the fun doesn’t end there. A lifetime of happy experiences awaits you and your child, so sit back and enjoy the ride. 


Enjoy every moment and momentous occasion with RuffleButts. From dresses & rompers, pajamas & loungewear, to toddler tights & knee socks, and more, our products are designed to provide comfort for kids, ensuring they feel their best no matter the occasion.


We make baby clothes that celebrate every stage of your darling child’s life. From baby to tween (and everywhere in between), we’re here for you on every step of the journey. Browse our entire collection of baby clothes for her and put together her perfect 1st birthday party outfit today.  




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