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Back to School: Parents Tips & Tricks

It happens every year—summer sprints by with beach trips, birthday parties, and heaps of warm-weather play time, and suddenly the back-to-school season is just around the corner. After enjoying their off-season fun, your child might be super excited to regale their school friends with tales of summer adventures.


As a parent of young children, however, you might wonder—how can you share in the excitement while staying on top of all the back-to-school tasks?


Fortunately, there are many things you can do as a parent to boost your family’s enthusiasm for the new year and prepare at the same time. Settle in, start reading, and gear up for the best school year yet.


Tip #1: Kick Your School Year Routine Back Into Gear

During the summer, your daily routine might be a little more relaxed. As it should—everyone needs some time to unwind and recharge. 


However, you don’t want to wait until the night before school starts to get back in the swing of things. Re-familiarizing yourself and your little kid  with the school day routine before it starts can set you up for brighter, more cheerful mornings (even if they’re early ones).


To that end, begin to reestablish your school habits a few days or even weeks in advance. Although there might be some grumbling at the start, young children actually benefit from routine. 


According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, routines can:


  • Provide children with a sense of comfort
  • Help children feel in control of their environment
  • Prepare children for what’s going to happen during the day


Let’s examine three ways upcoming school year routines can help you and your family get ready to go back to school.


Stick to Bed and Wake-up Times

During those lazy days of summer, everyone stays up a little too late to enjoy the warm weather and longer-lasting sunshine. By the time the season ends, we’ve perfected the art of hitting the snooze button on our alarms. Before it’s time to banish the sleep-ins and get back to early wake-ups, try to return your family to the habit of going to bed and waking up at the same time every day.


Reestablishing your schedule doesn’t have to happen overnight. You can begin working on it in advance by:


  • Starting three to four weeks before the first day of school
  • Moving bedtime up by 10–15 minutes each night
  • Waking your little kids up a little earlier each morning


By the time school starts, you should have a week or two or regular wake-up times under your belt.


Encourage Personal Responsibility

A new school year means your little one is another year older and more capable of taking on a little more personal responsibility. Back-to-school prep time is the perfect opportunity to introduce them to some new skills they can use. 


Some of our favorite ways to incorporate responsibility into your new routine include:


  • Allow your student to make their own school lunch, with help if needed
  • Show them how to set their own alarm clock
  • Encourage your kids to pick out their clothing the night before
  • Help your student plan a daily task schedule to prepare for homework and after school activities


These small steps can help your child take on age-appropriate personal responsibilities before school starts.


Limit Screen Time

If your kids have been enjoying a little more screen time during the summer months, now is a superb time to begin scaling it back. But how much is enough?


The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry recommends no more than one hour of non-educational screen time per day on weekdays. 


While there’s no real harm in some screen time indulgences now and then, back-to-school is the perfect time to clean up those habits by:


  • Setting strict time-limits 
  • Spending time together reading or crafting instead
  • Offering creative and engaging off-screen activities


By the time school starts, your child should be better prepared for some face-to-face classroom engagement.


Tip #2: Shop For Back-to-School Clothes

Another way to help your little one bring on the back-to-school spirit is to allow her to pick out some of her own clothes. Being able to help decide what she’s going to wear gives her a little more responsibility and can help her feel even more excited about showing off some new outfits in the upcoming school year


Some of the key pieces you’re going to want to stock up on for girls back to school outfits and boys back to school outfits include:


  • Tops – If you live in a place that has all four seasons, you’ll probably want to include a few short and long-sleeved tops on your back to school clothes shopping list . Versatile pieces, such as this Ruffled Long Sleeve Layering Tee, are excellent choices because they can be worn alone or under a cardigan when it gets colder outside.
  • Jeans – Everyone loves a good pair of jeans. They’re comfortable, cute, and look good with just about everything. Add a little touch of flair to her denim collection with a pair of Medium Wash Hearts Skinny Jeans.
  • Leggings – There are few pieces of clothing more versatile and comfortable than a cute pair of leggings. A pair of Ruffle Leggings add some special, fashionable flair to your child’s wardrobe with the ruffle detail at the ankles.
  • Pants – You can mix up your little girl’s pant choices with some Charcoal Gray Ruffle Pants. These can be worn on a dressy day or anytime your child wants something a little different.
  • Dresses – Of course, you can’t skip the dresses. Sometimes a girl wants to feel a little fancy. A Dancing Garden Twirl Dress will let her do so without sacrificing comfort. You’ll love the adorable bow on the back of the dress and she’ll love twirling around in it.


Tip #3: Make a Checklist 

You can involve your little kid in all the planning by sitting down and making a list of everything they need for back-to-school together. This primary school tip serves two purposes—your child can look forward to using their new school supplies, and they’ll learn a little about preparation and planning. 


Some things you’ll certainly need on your list include:


  • A backpack – Have your child try on last year’s backpack. Odds are, the straps might be worn or it may be too small. If this is the case, it’s time to invest in a new one. Look for a pack that fits comfortably on the shoulders and can easily fit the supplies they need.
  • Supplies – Your child’s school likely has supply lists readily available for all parents. Review the list with your little ones and do a scavenger hunt for any supplies you already have so that they know what they’ll need for their classroom.
  • Activities – Talk to your child about what they would like to do outside of school in the upcoming year. Do they want to try a new sport, learn a new instrument, or try another extracurricular activity? Planning ahead will help ensure that there’s room in your schedule for things outside of the classroom.
  • Logistics – Take time to review how your child will get to and from school every day. Will you be dropping them off or are they taking the bus? How will they return home at the end of the day? Talking them through the routine can help make your child more comfortable with the arrangements.


Tip #4: Get Organized

A new school year is like starting with a blank slate (or a blank chalkboard). This makes it the perfect time to reorganize around the house and ensure all your school year must-haves are easy to find.


To optimize your back-to-school preparations, tackle a few organizational tasks, such as:


  • Cleaning out closets and drawers – If you’re about to add some snazzy new outfits to your girl’s wardrobe, you might need to make some room. Take inventory of what your child already has and what they’ve outgrown. This will also help ensure you don’t buy things that you don’t need.
  • Using organizers – Storage bins, baskets, and boxes are your best friends when it comes to keeping your child’s room organized. Have them help you sort through their clothes, toys, books, and other items they may have outgrown or no longer use. Then, let your little kid help you put the things they want to keep into easily accessible organizers.
  • Donating unused items – Even if your child has outgrown certain toys and clothing, plenty of other kids might love to have them. Research organizations in your area that take gently used items and have your child go with you to drop them off. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about generosity and helping others.


Tip #5: Set Aside Time for Extra Fun

Lastly, don’t forget to set aside time for fun as the new school year approaches. While establishing your school routine and checking things off your list is important, relaxation has a place in your late summer to-do list, too.


Amid your back-to-school preparations, sprinkle in some special time with your kids, such as:


  • Trips to the pool or beach
  • Impromptu picnics at the park
  • Adventures at a local zoo or museum
  • Road trips to see friends or relatives
  • Ice cream truck indulgences
  • A trip to the movie theater 
  • A surprise sleepover with your child’s closest friends


Summer is meant to be fun—but that doesn’t have to end when back-to-school preparations begin.


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Preparing in advance (and throwing in some fun along the way) helps to keep your back-to-school tasks stress-free and enjoyable for both you and your kids. Avoid the back-to-school blues by taking it one step at a time and giving your kids time to settle into the new school year routine before school starts.


Along the way, be sure to build some excitement with your back-to-school shopping. At RuffleButts, we have everything your child needs to leap into the new school year feeling confident and comfortable. Check out our amazing selection of boys and girls back to school clothes.




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