RuffleButts Gift Guide: Best Gift Ideas for Newborn Baby Girls

Whether it’s you, a family member, or a close friend who’s recently become a parent, there’s nothing more exciting than welcoming a precious new baby into your world. At first, you might not want to do anything but hold your little darling and stare into her big eyes. But eventually, you’ll be overcome with another desire—to shower her with adorable newborn baby girl gifts.

If you’re a new parent, fielding questions from friends and family about what baby gift they can give to your baby girl can feel overwhelming. If you’re shopping for a baby shower gift for a family member or friend, it can be difficult to choose just the right gift instead of going the easy route and opting for a simple gift card. Whether it’s rainbow baby gifts or personalized baby girl gifts, there’s an easy answer for both situations: baby girl clothes.

Between spit-up, diaper blowouts, and growth spurts, new parents can never have enough baby clothes. Not to mention, dressing a newborn in various outfits is one of the highlights of welcoming a baby girl into the world.

Keep reading to discover our 6 favorite personalized baby gift ideas for newborn baby girls so you can quickly get back to spending time with your little girl.

#1 A Cute Romper

Baby girl rompers are essential to stock up on and a great gift idea because of how simple and versatile they are. With varying design options, they can be worn for nearly any occasion. Plus, snaps along the bottom make dressing and diaper changing a breeze.

If you’re looking for rompers that are as cute and colorful as your little girl, check out our newborn baby gift recommendations below:

  • Waterfall Bubble Romper – This classic style, available for $29.00, features the ruffles we’re best known for along the shoulders and legs. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colors, including icy purple, spruce green, and ballet pink. The 95% cotton fabric can also be monogrammed with your girl’s initials to add an extra special touch.
  • Overall Romper – If you like the look of overalls but wish they were a bit frillier, then you’re in luck. Our overall romper delivers a classic overall style but adds our signature ruffles to the straps and on the rear. Plus, since easy diaper changing is vital for any new parent, this charming outfit features snaps along the bottom. Made from 100% cotton, this little number is also easy to clean—just throw it into the washing machine on low. You can add it to your newborn’s wardrobe for just $29.00.

#2 Bodysuit or One Piece

Before you welcomed your baby girl into the world, you probably imagined dressing her in a classic piece of baby clothing: the baby girl one piece. At RuffleButts, we took the traditional one piece and put our own spin on it to create our Ruffled Long Sleeve Layering Bodysuit, which starts at just $22.00 and is the perfect newborn gift for any new mom.

What makes our bodysuit stand out from the rest?

  • The darling ruffled sleeves add a unique touch that’s sure to put a smile on your face every time your little miss wears it.
  • Lightweight, breathable, and soft cotton and modal fabric make this onesie the perfect option for all kinds of weather—layer it with other pieces or wear it on its own.

You can even monogram it with your little darling’s initials for a more personal feel that’s also eye-catchingly cute. Just be sure to choose a plain-colored option, like red, ivory, or navy, to ensure your monogram pops.

#3 Baby Bloomers

During your baby’s first few years, diapers will be a staple of all of her outfits. But no matter how cute of a print they might feature, you’ll probably want to cover them up more often than not. To do that, you’ll need bloomers (also known as diaper covers).

Luckily, baby bloomers can be one of the best gift for newborn baby girl. If you’re looking for a few pairs to add to your personalized gift list, try one (or all) of the following styles:

  • The Knit RuffleButt – Starting at just $15.00, our Knit RuffleButt perfectly complements any newborn top. It’s also where our name comes from, so you know it’ll be a hit. Guaranteed to make you smile every time your sweet girl wears it, this 95% cotton bottom can be matched with a bodysuit and a baby headband for a timeless and adorable newborn look.
  • The Denim Skirted Bloomer – We make denim comfortable and chic for your baby girl (and affordable for you, at just $22.00). These 100% cotton, skirt-like bloomers are sure to have all of your family and friends cooing over your little fashionista.
  • The Woven RuffleButt - We make comfortable and chic woven bloomers for your baby girl (and affordable for you, at just $18.00). Pair these bloomers with one of our swing tops for picture perfect moments you’ll cherish forever.
  • The Denim RuffleButt – Unlike our skirted bloomer, this 100% cotton denim option reads as shorts. However, they’re still easy to pull up and down, and they offer the same quick-change convenience as their skirted counterpart. Stock up on yours for only $18.00.

Though diapers, pull-ups, and other baby gear are necessary, don’t be afraid to mix up their look by putting adorable ruffled bloomers over them.

#4 Baby Socks

When you see your baby girl’s toes for the first time, it’s hard not to think they’re the most precious thing ever. And you’re not wrong! That’s why those little toes deserve to be protected.

Consider keeping newborn toes and feet safe, comfy, and stylish with a pair of RuffleButt’s knee-high socks. Not only are these baby products the perfect way to finish off a trendy baby look, but they also offer the following essential benefits:

  • They help your little girl regulate her body temperature since babies lose most of their body heat through their hands and feet.
  • They can protect your baby’s feet from minor injuries as she starts to crawl around and learns how to walk.
  • They can help your baby sleep better and feel less fussy. Since she’ll have a better-regulated body temperature, your little cutie will likely be comfier and less prone to the grumps.

Plus, our knee-high socks feature our signature ruffles, are made with 78% cotton for breathability and 2% spandex for comfort, are machine-washable, and come in several adorable colors: ivory, black, ballet pink, dusty rose, evergreen, and rosewood. Grab a 3-pack for just $15.00.

#5 Tiny Tights

Babies, in particular, have a much harder time regulating their body temperature than adults. In fact, your little miss can lose body heat about four times faster than you can.

This means it’s a smart idea to make sure you’re newborn baby girl has plenty of winter clothes available, including baby tights. Soft and snuggly tights are an excellent way to keep your child’s legs warm, even during the coldest months.

If you’re looking for some options for your newborn girl or, consider our selection of:

  • Footless ruffle tights – These darling ruffled tights are perfect for your baby. Made with soft knit cotton, they’ll help her stay warm by preventing body heat from escaping. Plus, the addition of spandex keeps these tights from being too tight. Choose from over 20 colors, including neutrals like gray and white, or bold options like yellow and orange. A single pair retails for just $10.00, so you can go ahead and stock up.
  • Three-piece tight sets – If one pair isn’t enough and you’re unsure of how to mix and match, let us do it for you! Our three-piece footless tights sets (available now for $23.00) are made of the same soft, stretchy fabric, so you know you’re getting more of the same quality. Plus, these packs come in fun holiday colors and patterns, so your little miss can show them off during late fall and early winter festivities.

#6 A Newborn Headband

Every girl needs a fabulous accessory, and your newborn baby girl is no different. Fortunately, we have just the thing: baby girl headbands. Our headbands wrap around your little one’s head completely to avoid slipping or falling off.

They also:

  • Keep your kiddo’s hair tidy
  • Warm her head
  • Add an eye-catching pop of color to any look

While all of our headbands wrap around your baby’s full head to ensure they don’t slip or wind up tangled in her locks, we have three different styles to let you find the perfect one for her:

  • The Seersucker Bow Headband – If you and your kiddo are wild for stripes, this is the headband for you. It’s made with soft, 100% cotton fabric and is available for $13.00.
  • The Bow Headband – This classic bow headband comes in all of your favorite colors, including red, pink, navy, and white, so it’s sure to match any outfit. Plus, its polyester, nylon, and spandex blend fabric makes it stretchy and comfortable, while its $8.00 price tag makes it a steal.
  • The Big Bow Headband – While some may not want a huge design, others think bigger is better. If you’re in the latter camp, the big bow headband is exactly what you and your little darling need. Soft cotton and spandex fabric will fit your baby’s head comfortably, while a statement bow is sure to turn heads. At just $10.00 a headband, you may want to grab one in every color.

Create the Newborn Baby Girl Outfits of Your Dreams with RuffleButts

When you welcome a baby girl into the world, you want to shower her with gifts that are as adorable, joyful, and special as she is. That’s why RuffleButts’ rompers, bodysuits, bloomers, and headbands including our charming newborn baby clothes make the perfect gift items for any newborn baby girl. There are also options for new big sister gifts as well!

Our whimsical prints, unique ruffled designs, and high-quality fabrics are sure to bring joy to you and your child. Plus, with our wide selection of tops, bottoms, accessories, and swimwear, there’s nothing you can’t find for your little miss.

Read on our blog and about newborn winter outfit ideas and scroll through our collection of baby girl clothes today to get started.

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