3 Festive Newborn Winter Outfit Ideas

3 Festive Newborn Winter Outfit Ideas

As the temperatures begin to dip and the chilly afternoons bring crisp breezes, it’s time to dig through the winter section of your closet for some of your favorite cold-weather gear.


But what about your sweet newborn?


With no baby winter clothes hanging in their closet from years past, you’re about to embark on one of your newest (but favorite) tasks as a parent—clothes shopping for your baby. And not just any baby clothes—you’re finding the perfect newborn winter outfits that’ll keep them comfortable, cozy, and cute in one conveniently wrapped winter package.


If you are still confused about how to dress your baby in winter, these three newborn winter outfit ideas will be your baby’s favorite pieces all winter long (or until they grow out of them—whichever comes first).


#1 Wear Cozy Clothes Indoors

There’s nothing more fulfilling than lying on the couch with a sleeping newborn on your chest as you listen to the crackling of the fireplace nearby. With the fire (or your toasty thermostat) keeping you and baby warm, what exactly should she be wearing while you’re indoors this winter season?


The typical rule of thumb is to dress them in as many layers as you’re wearing—plus one more. So if you’re comfortable in only one layer, they’ll probably be warm with two layers. Here are a few of our favorite indoor newborn winter outfit ideas:


  • Long-sleeved shirt – It’s a classic choice for a reason. You can find long-sleeved shirts in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics, and they layer beautifully with other pieces.


  • Tights – Your baby girl will look fabulous in a pair of tights, whether she’s wearing them under a romper, a dress, or a long-sleeved shirt. For tights or leggings with a dash of spice, opt for a few pairs with ruffles on the bottom hem.  Your little one will be ready for anything the day throws her way—tummy time, sleepy slumbers, and warm snuggles with mom or dad. And, of course, she'll be even cozier in baby footie pajamas for those sleepy slumbers.


#2 Bundle Baby with Layers

Is it time for a family photo in the cold weather outside? Before you pop a pose and say cheese, be sure to bundle your sweetling in multiple layers. Each additional piece of clothing offers extra warmth and allows you to add or remove an extra layer (and the extra warmth that comes with it) depending on your climate.


In addition to a long-sleeved shirt and pants, here are some bottom-to-top layers to consider when taking your baby boy or girl outside this winter season:


  • Full-length romper – When you wear a jumpsuit as an adult, you’re making a style statement. Why can’t it be the same for your newborn? (Hint: It can!). A winter-themed full-length jumpsuit is an excellent bottom layer when you’re dressing them up to go outside. And if those cold temperatures begin to thaw out and she no longer needs a jacket, she’ll be dressed to impress for any occasion.


  • Winter coat – Every baby boy or girl born during the winter months needs a winter coat to keep them warm when they’re outside in the cold weather.The thickness and material of said coat will depend largely on where you live. Warmer climates may only need a wool sweater or denim jacket, whereas colder environments might require a one-piece puffer suit or snowsuit.


  • Mittens and hat set – Babies lose body heat four times faster than adults, so it’s essential to keep every inch of them warm. Hats and mittens are a must-have item for cold climates—bonus points for a hat that includes fleece lining and bear or bunny ears.


#3 Keep It Comfy in the Car

When you’re outside with your newborn in freezing temperatures for winter family vacations or just for fun, of course, you want to keep them as snug as a bug in a rug—a puffer coat, mittens, the whole nine yards.


But what about once you’ve made it to the car?


When it comes to layering clothes for winter,  they may look like an adorable marshmallow in that puffer coat, but that outer layer might make them feel too snug once they’re in their car seat. Whether you’re headed out to a holiday dinner, or you’re taking your little one on their first mini road trip, here are some newborn winter outfit ideas for the car:


  • Long-sleeve romper – There’s nothing cuter than a baby girl in a romper, especially when they’re sporting ruffles on the tush. The long sleeves are perfect for winter, as they’ll give your newborn that added insulation. Plus, you can easily add layers to the romper if you decide to go outside for a breath of fresh (and cold) air.


  • Big bows – Just because she’s in the car doesn’t mean she can’t feel like a mini fashionista. Sporting a thick bow isn’t only for looks (although it does look the cutest). It’s also a fantastic way to keep your baby’s head and ears warm as you transition from outside to the car.


Stock Your Newborn’s Winter Wardrobe with RuffleButts

With an ample supply of winter outfits on hand, your newborn will be cozy anywhere she goes—although her favorite place will surely be in your arms, snuggled up tight.


RuffleButts understands that parenting is a full-time job (especially with a new baby at home), and that’s why we’re happy to make shopping for baby winter clothes simple and convenient. 


With an extensive online collection of rompers, onesies, leggings, pajamas, bodysuits, and more, you can easily find all of your favorite baby basics and get back to the important things—like soaking in every second with your precious newborn.




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