Ah, the holiday season! It's that magical time of year when families come together to celebrate, share love, and create cherished memories. Us parents would scramble to get our list of Christmas gift ideas for kids together, while thinking of other fun Christmas activities for kids as well.  However, what better way to capture those moments than with a family Christmas photoshoot? It's the perfect opportunity to freeze-frame the joy and togetherness you experience during this festive season.


But hold on a second, before you rush off to schedule that photoshoot, there's a crucial decision to make - choosing the right outfits. After all, what you wear can make or break those frame-worthy family portraits. Here at RuffleButts, we understand the importance of making every moment count, whether it be through Christmas crafts for kids or other holiday activities. That’s why we're here to guide you through some fun and fabulous family Christmas outfit ideas that will not only look fantastic but also ensure comfort and style go hand in hand.

Family Christmas Outfit Ideas

Family Christmas Outfit Ideas

Traditional Elegance

For those who love the timeless charm of traditional Christmas, consider coordinating outfits in classic colors like deep reds, rich greens, and crisp whites. Picture everyone in matching Christmas sweaters paired with dressy slacks or skirts. It's the ideal look for a cozy family Christmas card photo.

Modern Festivity

If your family leans towards the contemporary, embrace sleek and stylish outfits in metallic shades like silver and gold. Mix in some fun, holiday-themed accessories like statement earrings or a shimmering tie for a modern edge. These outfits will shine brightly on your Christmas day snapshots.

Casual Comfort

Not every Christmas celebration requires dressing to the nines. Sometimes, comfort is key, especially if you're planning an easygoing Christmas morning photoshoot. Think about coordinating Christmas pajamas for the entire family. Matching family Christmas pajamas create an adorable and cozy vibe that's perfect for capturing those candid moments.

What to Wear to a Family Christmas Photoshoot

Now that you've got some outfit inspiration, let's talk about what to consider when choosing the right attire for your family Christmas photoshoot. Here are some family Christmas outfit ideas:

  • Location Matters: Think about where your photoshoot will take place. If it's indoors, consider the background colors and lighting. For an outdoor shoot, take into account the weather and surroundings.
  • Color Coordination: Coordinating colors doesn't necessarily mean everyone has to match exactly. Instead, choose a color palette that compliments each other. A mix of shades in the same family can be visually appealing.
  • Comfort is Key: Ensure everyone feels comfortable in their chosen attire. Scratchy or overly formal clothing can lead to unhappy faces in your photos.
  • Avoid Overly Matching: While coordinating is great, avoid overly matching outfits. You want your family's personalities to shine through, so allow everyone to add their unique touch to their look. But if you do want a themed look, we also have our family matching outfits!

Tips for a Successful Christmas Photoshoot

Now that you've got the outfits down, let's focus on the photoshoot itself:

Find the Right Photographer or Use a Timer

Whether you hire a professional or opt for a self-timer, make sure you have someone who knows how to capture the best moments. If you're doing it yourself, practice with the timer before the big day.

Location, Location, Location

Choose a location that fits your family's style. It could be your cozy living room with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree or a picturesque park adorned with holiday decorations.

Posing and Candid Moments

Have a few poses in mind, but don't forget to capture the candid moments too. The laughter, the hugs, and even the occasional mishap can make for some of the most heartwarming shots.

Related Accessories and Props

To add that extra touch of festivity to your family Christmas photoshoot, consider these accessories and props:

  • Santa Hats: Simple, yet effective. Santa hats instantly bring the holiday spirit to your photos.
  • Christmas Lights: Twinkle lights can create a magical backdrop, especially for indoor shoots.
  • Ornaments: Hold or hang some Christmas ornaments to add a pop of color and holiday cheer.


And speaking of props and accessories, don't forget to check out RuffleButts for some fantastic options for your little ones. Our collection includes cozy pajamas, adorable dresses, and stylish little girls and toddler boy sweaters that are perfect for family Christmas photos. We take pride in providing comfortable and stylish clothing that will make your baby shine in every shot.


So there you have it, a guide to creating memorable family Christmas photos that capture the joy and togetherness of the holiday season. As you embark on this festive journey, keep in mind that the most beautiful photographs often capture the genuine moments of love, connection, and the magic of the holiday season. Remember, it's not just about the kids' holiday outfits or the perfect pose; it's about the love and laughter you share, including those adorable sibling Christmas outfits. So, dress up, snap away, and let the spirit of Christmas shine through every frame! Happy holidays, and may your Christmas photos be filled with warmth and cheer.