Easter Outfit Ideas for Baby Girls & Boys

#1 Pastels

Every year, Easter reminds us that spring has finally returned. Snow starts thawing, the tulips bloom, and you're eager to celebrate new beginnings with your closest friends and family. And that calls for a fresh Easter outfit so the kiddos can dress the part.


Easter's associations with bunnies and springtime make it one of the best holidays to put your child's cuteness in the spotlight. But whether you're heading to church this year or throwing a baby animal-themed backyard blowout, just like those hidden easter eggs, Easter outfit ideas may not be as apparent as you think!


Parents, grab your shopping baskets: with these 6 springtime outfit themes to play with, the Easter wardrobe hunt is about to begin. 


#1 Pastels

Dress your children in dainty pastel colors for a classic springtime staple. Pastel colors offer a bright yet elegant look to reflect the season's joy—but just as dyeing Easter eggs is an art, so is creating a cohesive pastel hue palette. 


For some egg-cellent color combinations, consider pairing:


  • Yellow and blue
  • Pink and purple
  • Green and yellow
  • Orange and pink


Opting for pastels can also open the door to countless apparel options: you can perfect your pastels with rompers, button-up shirts, colorful swimsuits, or bodysuits for your precious bunny. Whatever Easter events line your calendar, you’ll feel confident that your kiddo is dressed appropriately for the occasion. 


#2 Florals

As the roses and daffodils start blooming, we hope your Easter inspiration follows suit. After all, nothing says springtime quite like a floral print. 


Let your kiddos’ style blossom by opting for a cute Easter  outfit decked out in flowers. Put your buttercup in a gorgeous flowery dress or romper to bring some sunshine to the occasion. For the finishing touch, top it off by crowning them with a sunflower-inspired protective sunhat


#3 Animals

Springtime is that lovely time of year when animals return from hibernation and join in on the fun.


If your child adores animals, Easter festivities are  the perfect time to let them get wild. There are plenty of Easter-themed animals to pick from to adorn your child's clothing, such as: 


  • Baby chicks – The only thing cuter than a baby chick may be dressing your child up like a baby chick! With a chick-inspired buttercream beanie on their noggin and a bright yellow cardigan, your little one will look like spring, even if the weather’s a little nippy.


  • BunniesGive the Easter bunny some company by dressing your little one in clothing fit to bunny-hop in. With a comfy pair of cute cottontail shorts, your kiddo can easily bounce from place to place. You can even add some rabbit ears to go the extra mile! 


Whether your child sleeps like a sheep or chirps like a bird, you can find a cute Easter outfit to match their favorite animal of choice. Pair their look with that cuddly stuffed animal hiding in their Easter basket for an extra hint of magic.


#4 Overalls

Whether you’re a green-thumbed family or just love admiring your local park spring back to life, Easter marks the beginning of the gardening season. Durable, comfortable baby clothes sizes are a must for outdoor play—and you count on a trusty pair of overalls to kick back and get the party started.


Overalls make an excellent Easter holiday article if you're planning some seasonal fun and games. This garment is perfect for:


  • Wheelbarrow races
  • Decorating easter eggs
  • Planting flowers
  • Potato sack races
  • Arts and crafts
  • A friendly game of soccer or kickball
  • Easter egg hunts (especially if they have pockets for extra egg storage)


Even on dress-up occasions, kids know how to get their hands dirty (and don't even mention the grass stains). Suited up in a pair of overalls with some lovely ruffles, the Easter holiday  extravaganza can commence with both comfort and charm.


#5 Plaid

The weather is warmer, the grass is greener, and as spring heats up you’re bound to be invited to plenty of outdoor potlucks around the neighborhood. So why not take a little inspiration from your favorite picnic blanket?


Dress up your child's wardrobe with some fabulous plaid or gingham prints. The style works well for various occasions, extending well beyond Easter and into the summer months. Plus, plaid, gingham, and checkers can work as a way of adding visual texture to any outfit, or as stand-alone garments like:


  • Dresses
  • Tunics
  • Button-downs
  • Rompers
  • Skirts
  • Jackets


Feel like coordinating outfits with your kiddos? Give each member of your family a little plaid piece in their outfit, from headbands to pocket squares. Plus, matching sibling outfits makes for some charming Easter photos, showing the world your family is a package deal. 


#6 Formal Attire

Whether you start every Easter Sunday at church or just like to make a good impression at Easter brunch, you can't go wrong with some stylish formal wear. 


But you don't need to go crazy with three-piece suits and ball gowns (though your little girl may insist on wearing her favorite princess dress). To make their holiday look unforgettable—without the need for a costume change—opt for these modern spins on their Easter best:


  • Sundresses – A stunning sundress makes a soft, sweet statement for springtime. Look for a fashion style that combines lightweight fabric, formal attire, and a festive flair, and couple it with your daughter’s best pair of Sunday shoes. To keep it functional, add a pair of shorts underneath to ensure she can run and twirl to her heart’s content.


  • Button-upsWant to dress up your little one without fussing over a sport coat? A simple button-down can prove very effective for Easter Sunday. From church, to Easter brunch, to playing with the cousins, the handsome button-down remains a classic piece for this holiday. 


  • Matching sets – Looking dressed up doesn’t always have to include traditional formal wear. Sometimes it can be as simple as wearing an outfit that looks intrinsically put-together. A matching set can elevate an ensemble and still provide plenty of room for playtime. 


Get Playful with Easter Accessories Galore

It’s those final fashion details that complete the vision for this year’s Easter festivities (as well as garner plenty of “oohs” and “ahs” from the grandparents). Plus, accessories are a thoughtful addition to any Easter gift basket—and the more kids feel like they can own their Easter looks, the likelier they are to keep those bunny ears on!


If you’re not sure where to start with Easter accessorizing, start brainstorming with these gorgeous finishing touches:


  • Accessories for girls – Gift your daughter with lovely hair accessories to pull her outfit together. A simple ribbon or headband can make her look darling. And if her feet get chilly easily or she hasn’t broken in her new patent shoes yet, you can’t go wrong with some ruffle socks.


  • Accessories for boysA bowtie could complete the package if you've got a dapper young man on your hands. Looking like less-than-rosy weather? Let him sport a sun hat or beanie to protect him from the elements without compromising his playtime. 


  • Accessories for everyoneKeep your kid feeling and looking cool with a pair of colorful sunglasses. If you’re feeling crafty and not mess-shy, lean into your whimsical side and treat the kids to some Easter-inspired face paint. Bunny whiskers on the cheeks or easter eggs around the temples can make their day. You could even fill a bin with dress-up items like bunny ears, boas, bows, and capes to let them create their own Easter story. 


You may feel inclined to keep shirts tucked in, hair parted perfectly, or every petticoat perfectly flounced, but allowing kids some creativity with their outfits may just leave a positive impact. Some child psychologists speculate that children who dress themselves may have an easier time becoming self-reliant as adults, having more confidence to express themselves freely. 


And who knows? Your little chick may even be styling your Easter outfit one day.


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