Spotlight on Customer Love

RuffleButts is passionate about creating joyful experiences for the treasured years of childhood, and our Customer Love team is at the forefront of creating those experiences for our customers.

This team is responsible for answering phone calls to ensure our customers can speak to a live representative rather than navigating through an automated system. They respond to emails and chats from around the world, and assist customers who reach out to us via social media. They truly are customer satisfaction experts who are all dedicated to making customers happy. Seriously.



Alexandria, our Senior Director of Customer Experience & Operations, oversees Customer Love, Order Fulfillment and Warehouse Operations. Alexandria started her journey with RuffleButts as a retail fulfillment associate in 2015 and has grown her career with us over the past 8 years. We asked Alex about her experience at RuffleButts and why Customer Experience is so important to her:

You have worked at RuffleButts for many years and have seen many different stages of our growth. What keeps you excited about being a part of the RuffleFam? 

The people! This is always such a cheesy response, but we have the most amazing customers and our team has some of the most selfless, kind, and loving hearts I have ever known. I am eternally grateful for both and something I do not take for granted

What is one of your favorite Customer Love stories from your time at RuffleButts?

I actually have so many, but one that recently took place is when we loaded a starbucks gift card & shared the barcode in our VIP Facebook group. We were met with such kind comments and when the card was about to run out, we had some that loaded it with more money to keep it going. This is such a special memory to me and one that really touched our entire office.

Our Customer Love Team Lead is Jasmine who has been with RuffleButts since 2019. She helps ensure our team has what they need to fulfill our 100% Happiness Promise. We spent time asking Jasmine about RuffleButts and what Customer Love means to her:

What does Customer Love mean to you?

Customer Love means showing your gratitude and care for customers. Everyone can be just a normal customer service representative but we take great pride in saying that we take it a step further. Our goal is to always be there to listen and be the voice of our customers. They support us everyday, why should we not support them back by making it our goal to create the best customer experience ever!

What’s the best part about being on the Customer Love team?

The customers are the best part of Customer Love. Both personally and professionally, I hold one value dear to my heart- the golden rule. We 100% believe in treating people with respect and going the extra mile to provide a great experience.

What is your favorite swim style in 2023?

Our production team did such an amazing job and with so many new styles this year it is way too hard to pick just one! So I will give my favorite Ruffle and Rugged styles. Our RuffleButts Smocked Bikinis are one of my favorites this year. They are not only a sweet silhouette but the texture this suit has is out of this world as well as the amazing prints that were chosen. Our RuggedButts Short Sleeve One Piece Rash Guard is just perfection, especially in our classic seersucker material!

What motivates you to come to work every day?

The people! The team that I work with day in and out not only keeps me motivated to come to work but also to be the best version of myself at work. The culture that I stepped into the first day on the job has been something that I have always treasured.

The Customer Love team has several of our longest tenured employees who continue to ensure our customers are treated by The Golden Rule and go above and beyond to see that customers know they are our #1 priority.

Summer and Emily are our Senior Customer Love Representatives and are true champions who go the extra mile for customers whenever necessary. Summer and Emily have been with RuffleButts since 2017 and 2018 respectively, so we asked them about their perspective on working at RuffleButts.


You’ve worked for RuffleButts for quite some time; what keeps you excited about being on this team?

RuffleButts has always been such an amazing place to work. In the last 5+ years, RuffleButts truly became my home away from home, and my coworkers became like a second family. Everybody who works here is also so dedicated to ensuring the brand is successful and our customers have a great experience, it makes it easy to work as a team and feel like one cohesive unit.

What does “100% Happiness Promise” mean to you?

Our 100% Happiness Promise means that we are always willing to ensure our customers walk away from their experience with our company with a smile on their face. Our entire Customer Love team is very dedicated to creating positive customer experiences, and you can tell with every email, online chat, and phone call that is taken. Our Happiness Promise does not just end with Customer Love though; it extends to all areas of the brand. From Marketing creating content to engage our customers across several platforms, to Design and Production ensuring all of our products meet our very high quality standards, and our Warehouse and Fulfillment teams packing and shipping orders day in and day out, it truly is a full company effort to ensure happiness across the board.

What Core Value at RuffleButts resonates with you most and how do you use it to serve our customers?

The Golden Rule is our core value that resonates with me the most. This is the primary value our company was founded on, and you can feel it everyday. Within the company, all employees treat each other with kindness, and with my tenure on the Customer Love Team, I can confidently say we treat our customers the same as well. Going hand in hand with our 100% Happiness Promise, we ensure that all customers are treated with a level of respect that leaves them with a positive experience. We understand that we would not be here without the amazing support of our customers, and we want to ensure they feel that each time they interact with us!

You’ve worked for RuffleButts for quite some time; what keeps you excited about being on this team?

There are so many different things that keep me excited to be a part of this team. The family-like atmosphere throughout the entire company, along with my incredible coworkers, are definitely at the top of my list! So many places claim to operate with a family-like atmosphere but that doesn’t always stay consistent over time. In my five years of working here, I can confidently  say that we truly are one big family and that has been the case since the day I started. No matter what department you are a part of, there is always someone willing to jump in and help or point you in the right direction to get you what you need – even if it’s after hours, or on a weekend. We constantly use the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work” and that is 100% true at RuffleButts.

What does “100% Happiness Promise” mean to you?

The 100% Happiness Promise is so important because our customers are the reason we’re here in the first place! To me, this promise means that every customer should feel confident shopping with us and knowing that we want their experience to be great from start to finish – including after they’ve received their order. Like shopping anywhere, issues can arise with the website, shipping or even the product in general, and if something happens we want to know so we can make sure any experience is a great one. We want our customers to love our product  and our company as much as we do, and every department is dedicated to ensuring this!

What Core Value at RuffleButts resonates with you most and how do you use it to serve our customers?

The Golden Rule is a core value of RuffleButts that resonates most with me because I  strongly believe that you should treat others the way that you want to be treated. At RuffleButts, we want to make sure our customers feel heard, respected, and appreciated, and our Customer Love Team portrays this through every customer interaction we have – whether that be a phone call, live chat, email, or on social media. Like I’ve said about our 100% Happiness Promise, our customers are the reason we’re here. I, along with everyone else here, want to treat every single one of them the same way I want someone to treat me. I can only hope our customers know and feel through every interaction how much we truly appreciate them!