Curating the perfect summer wardrobe for your little boy can be overwhelming! But with the right pieces, your little one can look stylish and stay comfortable throughout the warm weather season. From breezy shorts and tees to cool swim trunks and summer accessories, we’ve rounded up our favorite must-have summer clothes for boys. 


Whether you’re shopping for a beach vacation or just outfitting him for the warmer months, these fashion choices are sure to keep him looking and feeling his best. Plus, we’ve included a few styling tips if you need some extra help with your little man’s summer outfits.



The summer shirts you pick for your little boys should be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Summer is all about having fun under the sun, and your little boy should be dressed accordingly. Here are some of our favorite summer shirts:


  • Short Sleeves You can never go wrong with this style of top. Short sleeves made of lightweight and breathable materials, such as cotton or linen are perfect for the summer heat. You can choose from a variety of designs, such as graphic tees with fun prints and patterns, or plain tees in bold colors. If you are dressing your little man for a more formal occasion, henleys or polos are also great short-sleeve options.


  • TanksTank tops are another great option for little boys during the summer months. They are sleeveless, so your little boy can move around freely without worrying about getting too hot. Plus, they are versatile and can be paired with different bottoms, such as denim shorts or chinos.


When shopping for tops for your little boy, don't forget to consider their personal style. Look for tops that feature their favorite thing or color. For example, if they like bright and fun designs we have plenty of rainbow clothes for kids that are sure to make a statement! 


No summer wardrobe is complete without a collection of bottoms for your little boy. Bottoms such as shorts or bloomers are essential pieces of clothing that will keep him cool, comfortable, and looking stylish in warm weather. Here are some of our favorite styles:


  • Shorts Boys shorts come in many different styles and materials. From classic denim shorts to comfy jogger shorts, there’s a pair for every boy. For a more casual look, pull-on shorts or knit shorts are extremely comfy and versatile. Lightweight chino shorts in bright colors or fun prints are also perfect for everyday summer wear.


  • Bloomers These bottoms are a stylish alternative to traditional shorts. They're perfect for infants who are just learning to crawl and walk, as they provide freedom of movement without getting in the way. Bloomers come in a variety of materials and can be paired with a simple tee for a more casual summer outfit. 


When choosing bottoms for your little boy make sure to pick comfortable materials that allow him to move freely. Look for pieces with elastic waistbands or adjustable drawstrings for a perfect fit. With the right bottoms, they will be ready for an abundance of summer activities for kids.


Summer is all about splashing in the water and staying cool, so it's important to make sure your little boy is prepared with some awesome swimsuits. Whether he's going to the pool, the beach, or just having some fun in the backyard, here are some must-have swimsuits for your little guy:



  • Rash Guards Rash guards are a great option for boys who spend a lot of time in the sun. These lightweight tops offer UV protection and help prevent chafing and irritation. Plus, they come in tons of fun colors and designs, so your little guy can stand out from the crowd.


  • One Pieces This swimsuit style is perfect for your baby boy. Not only do they offer sun protection, but they also help keep diapers in place. Look for ones with fun designs or cute slogans to really make a statement.


No summer outfit is complete without accessories, and little boys are no exception! Here are our favorite accessories that will take your little guy's summer style to the next level:


  • Sunglasses – Not only do sunglasses make a statement, but they also protect your child's eyes from harmful UV rays. Look for styles with sturdy frames and polarized lenses for extra protection. Plus, your little guy will be looking extra cool with his shades on.


  • Hats – Hats are a great way to keep your child cool in the sun and add a fun touch to their outfit. Look for hats with wide brims like our White Bucket Hat and kids sun hat options. Hats made with lightweight, breathable materials can also ensure your little boy stays comfortable all day long.


By adding these fun accessories to your little guy's summer wardrobe, you'll have a trendy and stylish look that will make him the talk of the playground while still protecting him from the sun! 

Create a Summer Wardrobe With RuggedButts

When picking out pieces for your little guy’s summer wardrobe don't forget to have some fun with the colors and patterns. Let your child express their personality through their cute clothes! If you are on the hunt for the best, most versatile summer pieces we are here to help.


At RuggedButts, we have a vast selection of summer clothes for girls and boys. From summer tops and bottoms to little boy or baby girl swimsuits and accessories, your little one is sure to be looking their best this summer, especially with our stylish and comfortable boys’ bathing suit. Check out our various summer styles in every color and pattern you could dream of.