#1 For the Sporty Trendsetter

Tween boys and tween girls are not always the easiest to shop for when it comes to finding the best gift. Tweenhood often comes along with a new school, new friends, and even brand new interests. You want to give your tween something she’ll love, but you aren’t totally sure what that means anymore. Whether it's a birthday gift, one for the holiday season, or a just because gift, it can be challenging finding the perfect gift. But most likely, she wants to stand out, define her identity, and find a style that’s uniquely hers.


For that, RuffleButts new collection of tween swimwear checks all the right boxes.


We’ve put together a handy list of summery gift ideas for tween girls, sorted by personality and interest. Read on to relieve that gift-giving stress, and find some sun-protected swimwear your tween girl will “omg” over in this gift guide!


#1 For the Sporty Trendsetter

The first on the list of gift ideas for tween girl is for the sporty trendsetter. This three-piece swim set for $42 is perfect for a stylish girl on the go. The colors and patterns are bold and fun, with a tropical theme. Your teenage girl will have hearts in her eyes over her bikini, and you’ll feel good about the modest cut and the sun-protected fabric that keeps her safe on those extra sunny days. 


She’ll be lounging poolside with a smoothie one moment, then throwing on her long sleeve swim top for a sun-kissed volleyball game the next. It’s an ideal choice for a tween with energy to burn! 


If she’s more the surfing and swimming type, this $30 50+ UPF rash guard one-piece is a great gift. With a bright and bombastic floral pattern, it’s just as cute as any bikini. She’ll spend long, happy hours in the water, and you’ll know that she’ll stay safe and stylish all summer long.


If you're wondering, "what is UPF clothing?", UPF clothing is made of fabric that will not only be stylish for your teen girl, but it will also protect her from the sun.


#2 For the Sophisticated Young Lady

The second on the list of tween girl gifts is for the sophisticated one. For the teen girl  who is more interested in laying out than diving in, try this flouncy, navy polka dot high-waisted bikini. Like our entire swimwear collection, this fun two-piece is made with sun-protected fabric, and it’s only $36. She’ll feel like the coolest girl at the pool as she chats with friends from her perch on her floating lounge. 


Or maybe she’s more the type to catch some rays while reading the latest YA novel on a blanket in the backyard. Either way, she’ll feel beautiful and confident in her brand new swimsuit.


Gift it together with this $28 tassled coverup and a pair of sunglasses for a truly glamorous (and practical) gift bundle.


#3 For the Goth Girl in Training

Not all girls love pink, and your tween is more into skulls and spikes these days.


For these tween girls, try monochrome looks for a swimsuit your edgy tween will go gaga for. She’ll feel grown up and mysterious in black and white, while still staying age-appropriate and comfortable. 


This $36 vintage-inspired two-piece uses stripes and subtle ruffles to create a girly goth glam look. And the oversized monochromatic floral pattern on this zippered one-piece (for only $30) strikes the perfect balance between cool and cute. Either choice will appeal to your mini rockstar!


#4 For the Budding Adventurer

Whether she’s scrambling over the dunes or collecting data from the tidepools, your tween explorer never stops moving. Encourage her wandering without worry with this $30 full-coverage two-piece. It’s got a 50+ UPF rating, so her sensitive skin will stay safe in the sun. 


And its long sleeves and skirted bottom make it easy for her to climb, crouch, run, and jump without stopping to adjust her suit.


#5 Cute and Handy Scrunchies for All Kinds of Girls

Great gifts for your teenage girl don't always have to involve clothes. Your kid has a lot of hair. The two of you spend a lot of time (and tears) managing it. Now that she’s a tween, she’s ready to take on more responsibility when it comes to self-care and grooming. Scrunchies are a fantastic gift to say, “you’ve got this”!


With girly florals and sporty solids, we’ve got $9 scrunchy two-packs to suit every tween’s personal sense of style and double as a great gift idea. The best part? When she’s not wearing it in her hair, it makes a super-cute bracelet. It’s like two gifts in one!


RuffleButts: Clothing Gifts for Girls That Moms Will Love Too

Summer can be a trying time for tweens, especially when it comes to swimwear. The tween girl in your life might feel nervous about being seen at the beach or pool. After all, the transition from childhood to teenagerdom isn’t easy.


Lucky for her, you’ve been through it already, and you have her back—even if that just means applying sunscreen to hard-to-reach places. 


Hopefully, this gift guide helped you find the best gift idea. If not, don't worry. Fortunately, no matter what your tween is interested in, RuffleButts has swimwear to suit her style and help her feel comfortable in her own skin. Our suits are cute, sun-protected, and always age-appropriate, and she’s sure to love it as much as you do.


Whether it’s gift ideas for 2 year old girl or a tween girl, great gift ideas for the special young lady in your life are easy to come by when you shop with RuffleButts.


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