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Size Chart

The RuffleButts size chart should be used as a quick reference guide for most of our products, which are offered in some or all of the following sizes:
Baby / Toddler Girls & Boys Size Chart
Size Height Weight Average Age
0-3mo/NB 18-24 in. 6-13 lbs 0-6 months
3-6mo 24-28 in. 12-17 lbs. 3-9 months
0-6mo 20-26 in. 7-16 lbs. 0-9 months
6-12mo 26-30 in. 16-23 lbs 5-13 months
12-18mo 29-32 in. 20-26 lbs. 11-19 months
18-24mo 31-33 in. 23-29 lbs. 17 months - 2 years
12-24mo 30-34 in. 20-27 lbs. 11-24 months
2T / Toddler 33-35 in. 26-31 lbs. 2-3 years
3T / Toddler 35-38 in. 30-35 lbs. 2-4 years
2T/3T Toddler 34-38 in. 26-33 lbs. 2-4 years
2T-4T / Toddler 35-41 in. 27-38 lbs. 2-4 years
4T / Toddler 38-42 in. 35-42 lbs. 4 years
4T/5 38-44 in. 35-44 lbs. 4-5 years
5 40-44 in. 40-44 lbs. 5 years
5/6 40-46 in. 41-48 lbs. 5-6 years
6 42-46 in. 42-46 lbs. 6 years
6/7 42-50 in. 42-50 lbs. 6-7 years
7 44-52 in. 44-52 lbs. 7 years
7/8 44-54 in. 44-56 lbs. 7-8 years
8 50-54 in. 44-56 lbs. 8 years
10 52-56 in. 65-75 lbs. 10 years
12 56-59 in. 75-87 lbs. 10-12 years
14 59-62 in. 87-100 lbs. 12-13 years
16 62-64 in. 100-115 lbs. 13-15 years
Each item's page has a 'Sizing' button which you can click to get a more specific sizing chart for that item.
When In Doubt - Size Up:
Our designers have done their best to make our products run / fit as true-to-size as possible. With this said, we absolutely realize little ones come in all shapes and sizes, as well as grow at different rates. If you're ever in doubt as to a size, we always recommend sizing up - kids don't ever seem to get smaller! Our customers also leave the sweetest reviews and you can peruse these to read about some of their sizing experiences.
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Rear Ruffles:
Many of our designs feature our signature rear ruffles for adding cuteness and flair. Please note that NOT ALL sizes were designed / created with these ruffles. Items without rear ruffles on some sizes are denoted both in the Product Details / bullet points section on each item's page, as well as in an image showing the product without these rear ruffles. These are omitted to give products in larger sizes a more mature look.
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Toddler Bloomers:
Our 2T/3T RuffleButt Bloomer is sized to accommodate toddlers as they grow up and out of their diapers and can be worn as a diaper or panty cover. We find that many children are able to wear this size beyond age 2, and often into age 3. The knit version will accommodate growth even better, as this fabric is designed to stretch.
Should you still have questions, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service Dept who will be happy to help you out!
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