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4 Little Boys Back to School Outfits

Leaves are tumbling, crayons are scribbling, and their lunch bag is overflowing—the first day of school excitement hovers over the breakfast table, and your little man is raring to go. With this time of the year quickly approaching, parents may find themselves looking for tips on how to prepare for the back-to-school season.


One question is, what outfit?


A dashing back-to-school outfit is the perfect way to have your little guy feeling confident and comfortable through all the events a school day brings. With some inspiration for boys back to school outfits, your boy will be ready to greet his classmates with buckets of enthusiasm with these school outfit ideas (and plenty of pint-sized style). If you’re on the hunt for girls' back to school outfits, then you can rely on our resource center to get your daughter ready for the upcoming school year.


#1 The Dockside Darling

For a precious look that echoes summers playing by the lake, look no further. Dress him up in an effortlessly yacht-inspired outfit that’s as cool as it is comfy. 


Here’s how to style your boy in some  dapper dockside clothes :


  • Start with a button-down – A breezy button-down long-sleeved shirt for toddler boys is an effortless way to keep this style comfortable yet snazzy. To ward off any lingering summertime heat, look for a long or short sleeve shirt made of 100% cotton material that is breathable and lightweight. Compared to polyester options, cotton will leave space for him to play without overheating. For a dash of whimsy, try our Charmed Stripe Button Down Shirt. Pastel stripes of dusky lavender, minty green, and nautical blue offer a cheeky nod to preppy palettes.


  • Add some chinos – Complete his boat-worthy look with a pair of Khaki Chino Jogger Pants. Any boy will adore their stretchy, comfortable drawstring waist and tapered ankles that cinch above his sneakers. Look for a light neutral shade for a pair that goes with practically anything and becomes a wardrobe staple. Whether he’s practicing his letters or aiming high on the swingset, chinos are sure to make him feel like a big man. 


The best part of this outfit is that you can style it with any variation of long sleeves and pants or short sleeves and shorts—making a look that carries effortlessly into the fall season.

#2 The Well-Dressed Woodsman

Pine needles, maple syrup, sweet smoke of a bonfire—lumberjack nostalgia is real these days, and your little guy wants in. 


While he may not have a bushy beard or callused hands, let him follow the call of the wild in a sharp woodsman-inspired outfit.Start with these fall toddler clothes essentials:


  • Play it up with plaid – Show off (imaginary) wood-chopping muscles in a Navy Plaid Button Down Shirt. Long sleeves and a crisp collar add a grownup flair that proves he’s serious about school. To help him stay cool as a mountain spring, look for plaid made with woven cotton that mimics flannel without the heaviness.


  • Add some denim – This hard-working ensemble wouldn’t be complete without a pair of sturdy (and stylish) denim. A pair of Black Wash Jeans are an effortless choice to pair with any shirt. Featuring a secret adjustable waistband that grows alongside your cutie, these 99% cotton pants are as functional as they are trendy. Simple snap closures make them a perfect school day fit. 


#3 The Dashing Debonair 

When it comes to winning hearts (and soccer games), little boys excel. This clean-cut classic style is the perfect way to add a debonair flair while leaving plenty of room for play.


Pair these outfit must-haves to assemble this dashing look:


  • Play it cool in a polo – Start this sweetheart’s school year right in a White Polo Shirt that’s timeless. Short sleeves leave his little arms plenty of room for hugging, and three buttons at the collar offer a breathable take on business-casual. Our signature cotton fabric fashions a high-quality look that’s easy to wash and sublime to wear. Plus, a white polo shirt is perfect to layer under sweaters and jackets as the weather gets colder. 


  • Look trendy in joggers – Joggers are in trend for kids and adults, and it’s no wonder why. A pair of Navy Chino Jogger Pants are the cherry atop this outfit’s cool factor. For the flexibility he needs to score a goal or ace a quiz, seek out a pair that boasts an adjustable drawstring waist and cinched ankles. Navy blue makes for trousers that can be dressed up or down, so beef up your big guy’s polo or t-shirt collection for choice pairings each day of the week. The versatility that joggers bring to the table are not just perfect for school, but for other activities such as birthday parties. These pants will have your young boy ready for any birthday party, no matter what birthday party games are offered.


#4 The Curious Creative

Is your kiddo an architect, building skyscrapers out of blocks or macaroni castles? Does he bring home pocketfuls of bugs or announce his future plans as an inventor at the dinner table? Plan an outfit with plenty of wiggle room to allow for any imaginative adventures that come his way.


A combo of color and adaptability is the ideal choice here. Try these recommendations:


  • Stay creative with a colorful shirt – Flip a preppy aesthetic on its head with our Charmed Stripe Button Down Shirt. You can bring purple, green, and blue stripes to vivid life against contrasting bottoms, and long sleeves are perfect for rolling up at the start of every project. Let his true colors shine in a primarily cotton outfit that’s forgiving and easy to wash at home. 


  • Look for pants with flexible features – Those Black Wash Jeans work for more than just a woodland explorer. With their adjustable, stretchy waistband and easy snap clasps, these rockstar pants are perfect for exploring, whether he’s digging a hole to another country in the sandbox or hatching butterflies in science class. Your tiny artist will adore the chance to express his creativity in this one-of-a-kind look. 


Stay Stylish with RuggedButts

The first day of school can come with plenty of anticipation for all the fun the new year will bring. But if your little boy  is also feeling the first-day-back butterflies, don’t worry. With a stand-out outfit, he’ll be eager to show off his new digs to all the other kiddos.


At RuggedButts, our collection for little boys is almost as irreplaceable as your honey himself. Send him off to school in one of these four looks with confidence—or browse through our entire catalog for an affordable, premium wardrobe that’s sure to please. 


Whether he’s entering a classroom for the first time or ready to return, RuggedButts has an adorable ensemble to help him stand out.



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