Happy Easter, craft enthusiasts! As the season of blooms and bunnies hops into view, it’s time to get our hands messy and our hearts full with the joy of Easter crafts. Engaging kids in hands-on activities isn’t just a fantastic way to celebrate Easter; it’s a golden opportunity to spark their creativity, boost cognitive development, and finesse those fine motor skills. From fluffy bunnies to colorful eggs, dive into an egg-citing journey filled with easy and fun Easter crafts for kids and babies with RuffleButts. Let’s make this Easter magically unforgettable!


Why Easter Crafts Are Great for Kids


Crafting is not just fun; it's fundamentally beneficial for our little ones. It’s about:


  • Boosting cognitive development: Crafting helps kids think creatively, solve problems, and focus.
  • Fostering creativity and imagination: What’s Easter without a bit of imaginative play? Crafts open up a world of colors, shapes, and stories.
  • Improving fine motor skills: From cutting paper to painting eggs, each activity hones their dexterity.


Easy and Fun Easter Kids Crafts


Let’s hop into some crafty activities that are sure to bring smiles and giggles to your family’s Easter celebrations:


  1. Paper Plate Bunnies


  • What you need: Paper plates, cotton balls, pink felt, googly eyes, glue.
  • How to craft: Glue cotton balls on the plate for the bunny’s face, cut felt for ears, and add googly eyes. Easy peasy and oh-so-adorable!


  1. Easter Egg Suncatcher


  • What you need: Tissue paper, clear contact paper, cardboard.
  • How to craft: Cut an Easter egg-shaped frame from the cardboard, fill it with pieces of colored tissue paper on contact paper, and hang it in the window to catch the sunlight.


  1. Handprint Bunny Craft


  • What you need: Paint, paper, markers.
  • How to craft: Paint your kid’s hand, press it onto the paper, and use markers to add details. Voila, a personal Easter bunny keepsake!


  1. Pasta Easter Eggs


  • What you need: Different shapes and sizes of dry pasta, food coloring or paint, vinegar (if using food coloring), glue, hard cardboard or heavy-duty paper, scissors, plastic bags (for dyeing pasta).
  • How to craft: If dyeing your pasta, mix food coloring with vinegar in a plastic bag, add pasta, shake well, and let it dry on paper towels. Alternatively, paint the pasta and let it dry. Cut out an egg shape from your cardboard or paper. Arrange the pasta on the egg shape to plan your design, then glue the pasta onto the base. Once dry, your colorful Pasta Easter Eggs are ready to display!


Easter Kids Crafts by Age Group


Any Easter craft for kids can be tailored to a specific age group, making sure everyone from toddlers to older children can join in the fun.


  • Toddlers: Try the tissue paper baby chick or handprint bunny. They’re simple, safe, and oh, so cute!
  • Preschoolers: The paper plate bunny craft or pasta Easter eggs are perfect. They involve more steps but are still very manageable.
  • Older Children: Let them explore their creativity with more complex crafts like felt Easter eggs or Easter egg art.


DIY Easter Decorations


Making decorations can be a fabulous family activity. Here are a couple of ideas:


  • Easter Egg Ornaments: Decorate plastic eggs with paint, stickers, or glitter and hang them from an Easter tree.
  • Paper Plate Easter Basket: A creative twist on the traditional basket, perfect for egg hunts! Utilizing simple materials such as a paper plate, paint or markers, and some ribbon or pipe cleaners, this craft transforms an ordinary paper plate into a delightful Easter basket. The process involves painting and decorating the plate, cutting and folding it into shape, and adding a handle, resulting in a customized basket that can be filled with Easter goodies. See more of our Easter basket ideas for extra inspiration.


Easter Egg Craft Ideas


No Easter is complete without some egg decorating!


  • Marbled Easter Eggs: Add drops of food coloring to shaving cream and roll the eggs in it for a marbled effect.
  • Dye Easter Eggs: Go traditional with food coloring and vinegar, experimenting with different dipping techniques for unique patterns.


Printable Easter Kids Crafts


For a quick and easy craft, printables are the way to go. Look for:


  • Easter coloring pages: Just print and color. A calm activity for a crafty morning.
  • Bunny ears: Cut out, decorate, and wear. Instant bunny transformation!

Homemade Easter Gifts Kids Can Make


Gifts made with love hold a special place in the heart. Consider these ideas:


  • Easter cards: A personal touch for friends and family. If you’re planning on announcing a new addition to the family this Easter, have your kids help with your pregnancy announcement idea by letting them decorate announcement cards with Easter-themed add-ons.
  • Easter chick and bunny crafts: Whether it’s an Easter egg with your child’s picture inside or a brightly-colored bunny drawing, these crafts are perfect as a cute, small gift to make someone’s day even more special. Imagine the look on their grandparents’ faces when they receive the next homemade craft that they’ll flaunt on their fridge. These easy animal crafts are sure to make everyone smile!


The Best Easter Crafts for Babies and Kids

Working on easy Easter crafts with your kids or babies is a delightful way to celebrate the season. It’s not just about the end product; it’s about the laughs, the spilled glitter, and the shared moments that these activities bring. So, grab your scissors, paints, and glue, and let’s make this Easter a crafty one! For more seasonal ideas to get the kids engaged in the Easter spirit, check out our spring crafts for kids.


Remember, every craft you create is a memory in the making. Include your kids’ creations in your Easter family picture ideas, complete with the cutest kids Easter outfits. From adorable bunny ears to dazzling egg ornaments, let’s make this Easter not just happy, but craftily unforgettable. Happy crafting, and Happy Easter!