A Guide to the Best Spring Break Vacations for Every Family

#1: San Diego

Sending your little girl off to her first year of school is an unforgettable milestone. You’ll never forget how proud you are at that (tearful) first drop off or how joyful you’ll feel after that first day when she tells you about all the new friends she’s made. 


The first year of school also brings with it a new milestone for you: planning your first family spring break trip.


Of course, you’ll want to do something memorable for your darling’s first break, but there are so many different routes you could take. Do you opt for a winter wonderland vacation, an adventure in a new city, or a relaxing beach getaway? If you’re having trouble choosing from several spring break ideas, don’t worry. In this complete guide to spring break family vacations, we explore the best, and most memorable, family vacation spots.


#1: San Diego

If you’re looking for a place that has a little bit of everything, San Diego is the ideal spot for you and your family. You can soak up the sun while also enjoying any of the following family-friendly activities:


  • Museum excursions – Just because you and your cutie are on break doesn’t mean learning should be put on the back burner. Museums provide the perfect opportunity for educational fun, and San Diego has lots of them. From the Fleet Science Center to the New Children’s Museum, you can find an experience your little girl will love.


  • Park adventures – From aquatic parks to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, This destination truly has it all when it comes to parks. Your little miss can run, jump, climb, and learn, leaving her perfectly tuckered out at the end of the day.


  • Beach days – If you’re a fan of the sand and sea, you can head to one of San Diego’s many beaches for a day on the shore. Kick back in a lounge chair with a vacation read, collect seashells to take home as souvenirs, or have a sandcastle-building contest with your little beach bum. 


If you do opt for some beach time, don’t forget to outfit your daughter in the proper swimwear. Our Long Sleeve Zipper Rash Guard 2-Piece isn’t just stylish and colorful—it also offers full coverage from the sun’s harmful UV rays, keeping your little one smiling and well-protected at the same time.


#2: Orlando 

When you think of family vacations where memories are made, Disney is always going to come to mind. It’s a classic for a reason—there are countless rides to enjoy, animal kingdoms to explore, and real-life princesses to meet! 


And if you’re going to Walt Disney World in Orlando, there are plenty of other parks to consider visiting. In fact, you can turn a day at Disney World into a week-long park excursion by exploring some of these other nearby favorites, including: 


  • Universal – Does your little one dream of attending Hogwarts one day? Take a journey to Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter, where she can pick out a wand at Ollivanders or experience the Flight of the Hippogriff. If she’s more of an archeologist-in-training, she can see dinosaurs come to life on the Jurassic World VelociCoaster. No matter which thrills you choose, you can be sure to make memories here. 


  • Sea World – If your little girl loves the ocean, then visiting SeaWorld is a must on her first spring break. Seeing dolphins, whales, and sea lions up close is something she’ll never forget.


  • LEGOLAND – For mamas who are raising future engineers, LEGOLAND is calling your name. With plenty of rides and activities to enjoy, LEGOLAND offers a unique theme park experience inspired by one of her favorite toys.


While running around a theme park all day is sure to be fun, it also means you’ll be spending a lot of time in the sun—and the sun is at its strongest from 10:00am to 2:00pm (a.k.a., peak theme park hours). This means it’s important to ensure your little one is properly protected from those harsh UV rays. 


Applying and reapplying sunscreen helps, but when you’re running from activity to activity with your little one, it’s even more helpful to have sun-protective clothing on your side. Consider outfitting your daughter in one of our stylish Sun Protective Hats to keep her cool and protected during all of your theme park adventures.


#3: Yosemite

If you’re an outdoors family, a trip to Yosemite National Park might be more up your alley for a memorable first family spring break vacation. This stunning natural park offers plenty of activities the entire family can enjoy, such as:


  • Hiking
  • Fishing in one of Yosemite’s streams
  • Observing the local wildlife
  • Taking a tour of the park’s landmarks


If you decide on an outdoorsy trip like this, your daughter might need some clothes that are a little more rough and tumble than normal, like our Girls Denim Jacket. It’ll keep her arms protected during the day and ensure she stays warm on chilly evenings. 


#4: Cedar Point

Daredevils and thrill-seekers look no further—Cedar Point is the perfect spring break vacation spot for you and your family. Your older kids can enjoy the pulse-pounding roller coasters, while you and your little miss can check out some of the following tot-friendly options:


  • Live shows – While Cedar Point may be known as the roller coaster capital of the world, that doesn’t mean roller coasters are all it has to offer. The park also has an impressive offering of live shows that feature music and dazzling entertainment your little girl will love.


  • The water park – During the day, consider splashing around in one of the many kid-friendly pools at Cedar Point’s water park. Afterwards, refuel with funnel cake and ice cream from the park’s famous Beaches and Cream.  


Keep in mind, if your kiddo is going to be out in the water all day, it might be worth investing in bathing suits that are made with sun protective fabric. Tests have shown that UPF fabric (i.e. fabric that has a similar protective effect against UV rays as sunscreen) lives up to its promise. In fact, UPF 50 rated garments only let in 1/50th of the total UV radiation that would otherwise get through.


If you’re looking to pick up swimwear with UPF 50+ protective fabric before hitting the pool, check out our Long Sleeve One Piece Rash Guard. It comes in a variety of fun prints and colors and will keep her precious skin safe from harsh UV rays.


#5: Florida Keys

While Orlando boasts countless theme park options, it’s not the only vacation destination Florida has to offer. If you journey a little further south, you can find the Florida Keys—an equally fantastic vacation spot that offers plenty of activities for both kids and adults. 


In particular, the Keys are the perfect spring break destination for those looking to experience idyllic sandy beaches, picturesque blue water, and a bevy of water-based activities. Consider relaxing on the shore with a well-deserved cocktail while your little one: 


  • Collects shells 
  • Builds sandcastles
  • Splashes around in the warm ocean water


You can also find plenty of opportunities for snorkeling and fishing; both magical and exciting new experiences for your little one to enjoy. 


#6: Puerto Rico

If you’re looking to go on a multicultural family vacation, but don’t have a passport for your little princess yet, you can still take the trip of your dreams. Puerto Rico is a US territory, so you don’t need any special documents to travel there and back.


If you choose this spring break destination, you and your family can soak up the warm weather at one of the island’s many beaches, hike through beautiful rainforests, explore natural hot springs, and eat plenty of delicious Puerto Rican food. 


Just be sure to do the following before you go: 


  • Verify that your darling is up to date on all necessary shots
  • Check the airline policy on baby gear so that you can travel appropriately
  • Pack a copy of your little cutie’s birth certificate, just in case
  • Practice some basic Spanish (like how to say “Can we see a dessert menu?”)
  • Stock up on sunny weather clothing, sun-protective travel accessories for kids, and UPF 50+ bathing suits


Follow that list, and the rest of your spring break vacation planning will be a breeze. 


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