1. Create Layers and Texture

When shopping for back to school outfits, it’s important to keep in mind school picture day. School photos are special, so it's important to ensure your child looks their best. While finding the perfect picture day outfit can seem like a daunting task, it doesn't have to be. With a few tips and tricks, you can easily find picture day outfits that suit your child’s style and the season. 


Whether you are looking for formal attire or prefer more casual, our fashion tips will help you pick a school outfit your child is sure to feel and look their best in.

1. Create Layers and Texture

Creating layers and texture in your child’s school picture day outfit is an easy way to ensure they look their best. Layering can be achieved by wearing a long-sleeve shirt under a vest or cardigan, or by adding a scarf in a bright color on top of a tee. Adding texture can be done with fabrics such as chunky knit sweaters, corduroy, velvet, and other textured materials. 


Layers and textures can add depth and interest to a school picture outfit that will show up well in photos. Be sure to choose fabrics and colors that will bring out the best in your child’s skin tone while also complementing the background. If you have multiple children taking school photos, also make sure their clothing doesn’t clash. Matching sibling outfits that consist of similar textures and layers are sure to create school photos that look great next to one another.

2. Choose Comfort

Your child deserves to look their best in their school photo. But comfort is also key! Avoid restrictive clothing that won’t let them move freely or be too constricting for them. Choose materials like cotton or linen that are lightweight and breathable. Consider adding a cardigan or vest if your child needs an extra layer but wants to stay comfortable. 


When selecting footwear, opt for a stylish pair of shoes that your child can move in comfortably. If you are worried about your child being too hot, pick out pieces with lighter colors that will reflect the heat.


3. Go Formal

Sometimes, a formal look can be just the thing for school pictures. No matter the age of your child, a formal outfit can be a great way for them to look their best. When choosing formal clothes for school pictures, there are a few key things to keep in mind:


  • Color - Choose a color scheme that you and your child both like. Try to coordinate different pieces, like their top and bottoms, so they blend together well. If you want a more traditional look, consider neutral tones. For something a bit more dramatic, try bright colors or jewel tones.


  • Appropriate Attire - Choose clothes that are appropriate for the occasion. For your little boy consider a nice pair of dress pants and a toddler boy sweater or a button-up. For your little girl try a skirt or a dress. Make sure the fit is good and that the length of the pieces is appropriate.


  • Complementary Pieces - Consider adding a blazer or cardigan to the formal look. This will create more dimension in the photograph and help your child shine. 


This tip also works if you are looking for family photo outfit ideas. If you are planning on having a family photo session, your kids are guaranteed to look great alongside you in their formal attire.


4. Don’t Forget the Accessories 

Accessories can truly make picture day outfits if they are done correctly. Just remember not to overdo it—it’s best to keep accessories to a minimum. If you do choose to accessorize your child’s outfit, make sure it doesn’t overpower them or their look. Small, delicate pieces are ideal for a professional-looking school picture. 


  • For the boys - A tie or bowtie adds a touch of sophistication to their look.


  • For the girls - Consider adding hair accessories to pull the look together. A hair bow, simple ribbon, or headband would be adorable. You also can’t go wrong with ruffle socks. 


Don’t forget the power of a good pair of shoes. Choose something that’s comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. For girls, a pair of nice flats always works great, while boys might opt for loafers or dress shoes. As long as the shoes coordinate with the outfit and provide comfort, they will help take the picture day look to the next level.


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