1. 4 Beach Essentials for Toddlers

    4 Beach Essentials for Toddlers

    Towels? Check. Umbrellas? Check. Sunscreen? Triple-check. You’ve got all the adult beach essentials ready to go. But what about your little swimmer-in-training?

    Pull out the packing list—we’ve got your family beach day needs covered.

    From sunshine to wet waves, your child’s wardrobe will need to brave the elements on the shore. That’s why we’ve assembled the top beach must haves for toddlers. With our kid-friendly guide, family beach day will stay fun and stress-free from sun-up to sun-down.

    #1: UPF Swimwear

    Of course, swimwear is one of the top beach essentials for toddlers and adults—but our UPF baby girl swimwear isn’t your average one-piece.

    What SPF is to sunscreen, UPF (or Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is to clothing. If you are wondering, “What is UPF clothing

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  2. How To Prepare for Baby’s First Beach Trip

    How To Prepare for Baby’s First Beach Trip

    One of the best parts of being a parent is all the treasured moments you spend with your little one. There are many milestone moments to cherish—from the first feeding to their first steps to your first journey out into the big world together.

    Another big moment that you might be looking forward to is your little darling’s first beach trip. While you might be ready to share the warm summer sun and the cool ocean waves, exploring the shore requires a lot of prep, like figuring out how to keep a baby cool in hot weather, to ensure your little miss or mister is ready for fun—and the elements.

    If you’re not quite sure what to bring along to the beach, we’ve got you covered. This helpful guide to your baby's first beach trip will simplify your packing list and prepare you and your family for a day to remember.

    Make Sure to Get Ready Beforehand

    No one needs to tell you the benefits of preparing for outings

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  3. Cute & Personalized Baby Girl Gifts

    Cute & Personalized Baby Girl Gifts

    Blankets, cribs, diapers—there are some baby gifts that never go out of style. But to add that special touch to a baby gift, you can’t go wrong with a personalized present for the new baby girl in your life.

    If you’re trying to find a beautiful gift for a newborn baby girl, we’ve got you covered. With just a few embroidered initials, you can take your average baby outfit and newborn baby girl gifts from simple, to sensational.

    From shirts to sweaters, RuffleButts offer customized monogramming for over 490 products across our collection (all for as low as just $8.00). So, give the special little lady in your life an equally special welcome to the world with the following personalized baby girl clothing gifts.


    Sweet and feminine, every b

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  4. Best Gift Ideas for Newborn Baby Girls

    RuffleButts Gift Guide: Best Gift Ideas for Newborn Baby Girls

    Whether it’s you, a family member, or a close friend who’s recently become a parent, there’s nothing more exciting than welcoming a precious new baby into your world. At first, you might not want to do anything but hold your little darling and stare into her big eyes. But eventually, you’ll be overcome with another desire—to shower her with adorable newborn baby girl gifts.

    If you’re a new parent, fielding questions from friends and family about what baby gift they can give to your baby girl can feel overwhelming. If you’re shopping for a baby shower gift for a family member or friend, it can be difficult to choose just the right gift instead of going the easy route and opting for a simple gift card. Whether it’s rainbow baby gifts or personalized baby girl gifts, there’s an easy answer for both situations:

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  5. 3 Fun & Fairy Tale Baby Beach Accessories

    3 Fun & Fairy Tale Baby Beach Accessories

    Going to the beach with your little girl is a one-of-a-kind experience. It can be magical to watch them discover sea creatures, splash in the waves, and build sky-high sand castles with baby beach toys for hours on end, or simply lounge in a baby beach chair. When done right, the best beach days are truly unforgettable.

    But a trip to the shore requires more than baby girl swimsuits alone. To prepare for your baby’s first beach trip, you need more than baby girl clothes. You also need baby beach accessories like a baby beach tent, sun hat, beach chairs, beach towel, and other baby beach gear that will help protect your kiddo from the sun’s rays, warm them up when they’re wet from the ocean, and shade the sun from their eyes.

    If you want fun,

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  6. 3 Darling Rainbow Baby Gifts

    3 Darling Rainbow Baby Gifts

    Have you ever gone outside with your little girl after an unexpected rain shower to see if you can spot a rainbow? There’s nothing quite as adorable as watching your special girl’s face light up when she sees those pastel colors painting the sky.

    If your baby or toddler loves the magic of rainbows, why not bring that magic to each and every day by dressing her in baby rainbow clothes and baby rainbow swimsuits?

    If you’re wondering what the best gift for a newborn baby girl is, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll introduce you to our top 3 favorite rainbow baby gifts so you can deliver magic, style, and smiles.

    #1 Rainbow Rompers

    After the birth of your new baby, your life will be filled with delightful moments. From visiting grandmas

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  7. 5 Fall Fashion Trends for Kids

    Fall is almost here and has us ready to dive right into those fun fall styles! With the launch of our brand NEW fall collection last week, we decided to share our top trending styles for fall!

    1. Denim. We're going denim-crazy this season. With the addition of sweet dresses, fashionable tunics, and ruffled skirts, you are sure to find a great option for your little princess! Pair with colorful leggings or big accessories to complete the look!

    Plum & Navy

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  8. ​7 Tips for her First Ballet Recital

    Our Darling Dancewear brings the perfect amount of ruffle flair to her look! Those ruffled tutu's inspired us to share tips from the pros on how to help your little one make her big debut! We interviewed a real life dance mom and she kindly shared her 7 tips for a successful first ballet recital!

    1. Label everything. In the chaos of costume changes, hair style swaps, and tiny tots goofing off behind the scenes, there is a large chance your things will go missing. Lessen the chance by clearly labeling all of your items with a name and phone number.

    2. You can never have too many tutus. A good quality leotard and tutu are must-haves for your little ballerina. Always have a backup in case of spills, rips, or accidents.

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  9. How to keep your swimsuits in tip top shape

    One of the most common questions we see here at RuffleButts is "How do I care for my kids swimsuit?" Swimwear care (or how to wash and care for your ruffled swimsuit) is surprisingly simple! Follow this guide and help extend the life of your little one's favorite summer uniform!

    The first thing you'll need is a swimsuit! Take a look at some of our new favorites or classic looks! We're swimming in girly ruffles and splashing into beach days with our stylish boy trends! From cute peplum tankinis to ruffled long sleeve rash guards, our UPF 50+ bathing suits will keep your little

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  10. Gwen Stefani is so cool!

    Over the years, RuffleButts and RuggedButts have been spotted on the kiddos of celebrities including Jana Kramer, Jessica Simpson, Ali Landry, Rebecca Romijn, Giuliana Rancic and Jessica Alba, and we are truly honored each and every time! Today, when we spotted Rugged Butts on Apollo (the little cutie that calls Gwen Stefani mom) for the 2nd time this year, we were honestly a bit giddy. Gwen Stefani is just plain cool. We envy her effortlessly perfect looks and I personally dream of pulling off such style. She is an incredible designer, clearly a stellar businesswoman, a talented singer and performer, seems to be a genuinely kind person, and was one of my most memorable concerts of all time! So today, we are excited to share the most recent spotting of Apollo in our Buffalo

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