1. No Slippy Hair Clippy

    I met Annie Salyer from No Slippy Hair Clippy a few years ago out in LA. She was super sweet and really made a lasting impression on me. Her brand seemed really creative and I always heard others raving about her products. Well, that was pre my little cutie patootie, and now I have a whole new appreciation for Annie's creations!

    Aubrey's hair is super fine, much like mine. She is not lacking for hair, just enough to hold in any kind of hair accessory. Of course I dress her pretty darn girly, but that still doesn't stop those random strangers from asking what "his" name is? What does a mom have to do??

    So, No Slippy Hair Clippy to the rescue! After browsing through the TONS of styles available on their website, Aubrey's three adorable clips showed up in the mail this week. Seriously, she has not gone a day since without her Clippy! We have had them for less than a week, and I have had no less than three people ask where we got such cute hair accessories.

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  2. Dallas Moms

    Here's another one from HARO...if you are a stylish mom (and we know our RuffleButts moms always are!!) in the Dallas area, they are looking for you. Read the info below. They may even use you on their website! When they are asking for all your advice, just be sure not to forget your favorite place to shop...www.RuffleButts.com!

    Summary: Dallas Area Moms

    Name: Bryce Gruber

    Email: brycegruber@gmail.com

    Title: editorMedia

    Outlet: TheLuxurySpot.com

    Geographic Region: Dallas, TX

    Deadline: 01:10am EASTERN - 23 October

    TheLuxurySpot.com is working on a project getting feedback from Dallas-area moms (we'll be working on other cities in upcoming months). If you're a trendy, stylish mom in the Dallas area we'd like to talk to you about where you shop, eat, & spend your free time.

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  3. Little April Rose

    This has been a very interesting morning. I am in a situation where I am truly torn. I always want to do the right thing, but sometimes that causes more of a challenge than just doing the easiest thing. So, here's the situation...a few weeks ago, I came across a blog about Little April Rose that really touched my heart. It is/was written by a mom named Rebecca (also referred to as 'B'), struggling through a pregnancy with her baby girl, April, diagnosed with Trisomy 13. All of my communications were with Rebecca's friend Kelli, and she had offered me the opportunity to advertise our RuffleButts on B's blog with a donation in the amount of our choice. She was never pushy, nor did she ever ask for any amounts of money. She only requested a small donation in exchange for advertising, which is not unusual in the least. I was thrilled to be able to work with them for two reasons, 1st being that I knew our funds were going to help someone facing some serious medical bills, and the 2nd being that

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  4. Just like Ellen Degeneres

    I'm not usually a big celebrity gal and to be quite honest, I rarely have time to watch daytime TV, but I was thinking the other day, if there is a celebrity that I aspire to be like (or at least what I think they are like in real life), it would be Ellen. So here are my reasons why:

    1. She breaks the mold.

    So we all know that with the exception of Oprah, talk shows don't last long...and most of them, quite honestly, suck. They are the shows we have on in the background when the kids are running around the house or we're making lunch. Not something worth 100% attention. Anyway, Ellen took the risk of coming out with a daytime talk show in the first place and then on top of that, she broke the mold. She did it differently and it works! I hope to apply that daily here at RuffleButts. I read something today that was inspirational..."Be yourself, everyone else is already taken", a quote by Oscar Wilde. How true it this?? And when you think of someone living

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  5. Celebrity Parents

    Wow, what a whirlwind of a weekend! So, Emily and I returned late on Sunday from our Pre-Golden Globes Gifting Suite experience. I am happy to report that everything went well, and RuffleButts was all the buzz with the celebrity parents!

    We were first approached by Kellie Martin from ER (and I'm sure we all remember her from Life Goes On!), exclaiming "Oh, these are so cute!" She and her husband shared this adorable story about when they were recently putting their daughter to sleep for the night, and she didn't want to take off her tutu, telling them that a princess never takes off her tutu. They told us their

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  6. Baby Wears Prada

    So, I have another website that I just have to share... BabyWearsPrada is a new review website for children's apparel and since it's late August debut, has been a total hit with moms everywhere!

    The website was created by Shanna Marsh, and she has done a fabulous job of getting it up and running, working with some of the best brands in the business. We were honored that she included RuffleButts in that list! Shanna explains the idea behind her brand on her 'About Us' page, including the inspiration from her adorable family (below), but this pretty much sums it up...

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  7. RuffleButts in BabyCouture Magazine

    I am excited to share that RuffleButts were including in a recent photo shoot and showed up in the pages of BabyCouture Magazine! Just click on the image above to view the virtual magazine (go to page 71)! They featured our Red Woven Crawlers and coordinating Dancing Dot Peasant Top... one of my favorite outfits from our Fall 08 Collection!

    It is always so fun and super rewarding to spot my baby creations in the pages of any magazine, but this one is extra special, as they always feature extremely hip and creative brands! I am always honored to share my creations through mediums such as this, as you can have the best products in the world, but if no one knows about them, it doesn't do anyone any good!

    This brings me to a conversation that I had with another children products business owner this week. Everyone starts somewhere, you try a few different tactics, you think outside the box, you work with various people

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  8. Cookie Magazine

    I happened to be over at a friend's house last night and she mentioned that she had just received her new Cookie Magazine in the mail that day...so, I turned to the back advertising section, and was super excited to see RuffleButts staring back at me!! If you are a subscriber to this really great new magazine, be sure to check out your October issue!

    As a small business, it is always so difficult to make advertising decisions, as I truly never had any idea how expensive advertising can really be. Throughout this first year of sales, our advertising budget has been next to nothing, but we are now just at the point where we have received a great response to our product, and need to let more people know that we exist. I made the decision a few months back to try a run with Cookie Magazine, being that this seemed to be the best fit for our company. I would also love to advertise with babytalk or American Baby, but we simply can not afford to do so. October is our very first advertising

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  9. Material World

    Yesterday I made my way down to the oh so glamorous world of South Beach...okay, not so glamorous for me as I walked about a million miles (slightly exaggerated) through this annual fabric and trim convention. I'm still not feeling 100%, so it took a little self-motivating to get down there, but worth the trip. Although I did meet some interesting people and checked out a ton of fabric sources, I must admit that the most rewarding part of the experience is feeling like I finally am not the "freshman" anymore! It was so nice to truly realize how far I have come since my Material World visit one year ago.

    A little reminiscing (which I hope gives some of you hope)...

    So, last year I remember too clearly walking into the enormous room full of professionals, extremely experienced professionals. I had been on my computer for days reading and researching so I didn't seem like a complete nitwit, but I still felt very much so like I was carrying my freshman

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  10. Baby Bling Things Boutique

    Here at RuffleButts, our fabulous retailers are an important part of our family. Therefore, I have decided to feature a different RuffleButts Retailer on a regular basis here at the RuffleBlog. I am honored to start with Ann over at Baby Bling Things Boutique. Ann is not only an extremely talented business owner, but also an absolute pleasure of a person to work with! Be sure to check out here entire line of embellished, blinging baby products.

    Store name: Baby Bling Things Boutique

    Store Owner: Ann Spross

    Store location & contact info:

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