4 Baby Valentines Day Outfits

4 Baby Valentines Day Outfits

As Valentine's Day nears, love arrives in the form of chocolate boxes, heartfelt letters, and hugs from your baby boy or girl. And even if your baby doesn't have wings and a magical bow and arrow, they can still participate in this adorable holiday. 


Dressing your child for Valentine's day presents an opportunity for tons of fun. Whether your baby is still a sleeping beauty or a spry sweetheart, you can feel confident that the perfect baby girl Valentine's outfit awaits. 


Cupid's on the prowl—so get ready to fall in love with these utterly lovely Valentine's Day outfits. 


#1 Wear a V-Day Romper

Ensure your little guy or girl can keep up with the excitement with a super comfortable romper. 


Rompers offer a lot of versatility when putting together a cute outfit. Your baby can wear one on its own, or you can add a long-sleeve layer underneath any baby outfit for added warmth. 


Not only do rompers look positively perfect, but they also enable a free range of motion so your child can participate in all sorts of Valentine's Day activities for kids, such as:


  • Playing with relatives
  • Valentine’s day crafts for kids
  • Helping you bake (and eat) red heart-shaped cookies


When you’re enjoying your holiday, you don’t want to stop for any reason. Keep the festivities going with the help of an adorable and functional romper. 


#2 Take a Bow in Ballet Attire

Valentine's Day celebrates love and beauty—two things that ballerinas adore, of course. If your little girl is a dancer at heart, let her dress up in her finest ballet attire. Who knows—she may just put on a special Valentine's Day concert for you. 


While you don't need to fuss with stage makeup and ballet buns, your baby can still wear:


  • LeotardsLeotards can offer comfort and flexibility even if your child doesn’t attend ballet classes. Use it as a layering piece, or opt for a leopard with an attached skirt for a twirl-tastic ensemble. 


  • Ballet topsBallerinas need clothes they can move freely in, so opting for a ballet shirt means your child can feel the same way. Revel in some ruffles or a simple Knit Bow Back Top



To a ballerina, all the world's a stage. Give your little one a chance to shine with ballet-inspired outfits that will have you saying, bravo! 


#3 Don a Darling Dresses

Many little girls will look for any opportunity to wear their favorite dress (even in the middle of winter). Luckily, Valentine's day is a special occasion, so dresses are not only appropriate but encouraged. 


You may want to opt for a long-sleeve knit dress if you're expecting a chilly February. However, if spring has come early, you can go all out with a Petti Dress fit for a princess. Twirl the day away in a classic Valentine's Day outfit she won't want to take off. 


#4 Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize

When making Valentine's Day cards, it's always fun to add a little detail. Whether it's red heart-shaped stickers or well-placed Xs and Os, they make a difference. 


You can just as easily liven up your Valentine's Day outfit with some adorable accessories. Add an accessory to any baby outfit for extra cute V-Day pictures, or throw them into your year-round rotation. After all, there’s never a bad time to wear a bow.  


Add some fabulous flair to your baby's outfit with a little help from:


  • Headbands – A headband provides an excellent solution to combat baby hair. Whether they prefer bows or flowers, you can ensure your little one feels comfortable and ready to take on the day. 


  • TightsAdd some interest to your V-Day ensemble with the help of some stockings. Tights with ruffles can satisfy any girly whims while ensuring comfort for running or impromptu dance parties. Or, if your baby girl prefers pirouettes, you could grab a pair of ballet legwarmers instead. 


  • HatWhen the cold winter blusters in, protecting your kiddo's ears  from frostbite is vital. A Knit Pom Beanie could provide much-needed warmth if you anticipate a chilly Valentine's Day. Match your knit hat with cute mittens or a scarf to bring the whole outfit together. 


Your Valentine's Day dessert isn't the only thing that requires a cherry on top. Turn your cute outfit into an unforgettable one with the addition of a classic Valentine's Day accessory. 


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Valentine's Day allows us to shower our kids with all the joy they deserve. From chocolate kisses to real-life kisses, there's so much love to give. 


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