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  1. 7 Adorable Swimming Accessories for Kids

    7 Adorable Swimming Accessories for Kids | RuffleButts

    7 Adorable Swimming Accessories for Kids

    Ah, summer. It’s time for warm breezes, endless sunshine, and long, lazy days by the water with your little one in their girls bathing suit or toddler boy swimwear. Whether your preferred body of water is a outdoor swimming pool, fresh lake, or salty ocean beach, you’re going to need the right gear to maximize your summer fun and your best family beach vacations.


    Sun protection, swimwear,

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  2. 8 Best Family Beach Vacations

    8 Best Family Beach Vacations to Take This Summer

    With school out of session and the chilly winter months in the rearview, you might be thinking about putting your home in the rearview, too, and setting off on a fun-filled family vacation. In fact, for most families, summer is synonymous with vacation, and the beach is usually at the top of the list of potential destinations.


    But with so many excellent beaches to choose from for your baby's first beach trip, you might discover that a little research is in order if you’re interested in setting yourself up for one of the best family beach vacations ever. While it may be easy to get to packing the family vacation must-haves and beach e

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  3. Back to School: Parents Tips & Tricks

    Back to School: Parents Tips & Tricks | RuffleButts

    Back to School: Parents Tips & Tricks

    It happens every year—summer sprints by with beach trips, birthday parties, and heaps of warm-weather play time, and suddenly the back-to-school season is just around the corner. After enjoying their off-season fun, your child might be super excited to regale their school friends with tales of summer adventures.


    As a parent of young children, however, you might wonder—how can you share in the excitement while staying on top of all the back-to-school tasks?


    Fortunately, there are many things you can do as a parent to boost your family’s enthusiasm for the new year and prepare at the same time. Settle in, start

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  4. 5 Adorable Girls Back to School Outfits|RuffleButts

    5 Adorable Girls Back to School Outfits|RuffleButts

    5 Adorable Girls Back to School Outfits 

    Ah, the first day of school—a day that brings delights like fresh boxes of crayons, a shiny new lunchbox, and most importantly, a brand-new back-to-school wardrobe. But how do you plan the perfect outfits to keep your girl cute, comfy, and excited about her new school year? What are some other back to school tips for parents that want to make sure their children are ready for school to return?


    For kids and parents alike, the perfect back-to-school o

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  5. 4 Little Boys Back to School Outfits | RuggedButts

    4 Little Boys Back to School Outfits | RuggedButts

    4 Little Boys Back to School Outfits

    Leaves are tumbling, crayons are scribbling, and their lunch bag is overflowing—the first day of school excitement hovers over the breakfast table, and your little man is raring to go. With this time of the year quickly approaching, parents may find themselves looking for tips on how to prepare for the back-to-school season.


    One question is, what outfit?


    A dashing back-to-school outfit is the perfect way to have your little guy feeling confident and comfortable through all the events a school day brings. With some inspiration f

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  6. Back to School Clothes Shopping List for Little Girls

    Back to School Clothes Shopping List for Little Girls | RuffleButts

    Complete Back to School Shopping List for Little Girls

    New friends, new teachers, school supplies, and another year of learning—the school year can bring many exciting changes. For little girls, however, the back-to-school season also brings an especially fabulous opportunity. 


    Yes—it’s time to shop for an adorable new school wardrobe.


    A successful back to school clothes shopping list should include the essentials your girl needs to succeed throughout the seasons. From bottoms and tops to accessories and a few fun pieces to wear on special occasions, this guide will have you ready for back-to-school success this upcoming school year.

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  7. New Big Sister Gifts: Matching Sets & Accessories

    New Big Sister Gifts: Matching Sets, Accessories, & More

    When Girl Number Two arrives, it’s not just a big change for mom and dad. It’s also a major arrival for Girl Number One. Luckily, we have the best special day gift solution to bring your two angels together—adorable matching clothing sets.

    Looking for the best gifts for a newborn baby girl and older sister? From rompers to pajamas, RuffleButts has the cutest big sister little sister outfits for style and comfort. Let your older daughter know you appreciate her new role as big sister and that she has a new best friend with these new big sister gifts.

    Bodysuits for Buddies

    Indulge in double the adorable baby girl clothes (and half the dress-up time) with matching bodysuits for each

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  8. What Is UPF Clothing for Kids?

    What Is UPF Clothing for Kids?

    When your little girls are out exploring and playing under the sun, the last thing you need to worry about is sunburnt skin. That’s where UPF clothing comes in, the physical (and downright adorable) sun blocker.

    Like wearable sunscreen, proper UPF clothing blocks harmful UV rays to a nearly impenetrable degree. For a burn-free baby—and a stress-free parent—consider keeping your closets well-stocked with UPF apparel and other protective clothing.

    What is UPF clothing exactly, and how does it work? If you’ve still got questions and are wondering how to dress a baby in summer, we’ve got answers. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about UPF baby girl swimwear and why it’s brimming with benefits.

    UPF 101: Protected C

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  9. How to Keep Baby Cool in Hot Weather

    How to Keep Baby Cool in Hot Weather

    Picture this: your baby wakes you up as soon as the first ray of sunshine slips through the crack in your bedroom curtains. It’s only 6 AM, but that’s a-okay because it’s summertime, and you have a full buffet of poolside playdates, park kite-flying, and beach strolls waiting.

    But as soon as you and your baby step outside, the extreme heat hits you like a weight—literally. It’s so hot you can barely move.

    In these moments, you may wonder how to keep baby cool in hot weather.

    Fortunately for you and your mini-me, we’ve put together this guide on how to help keep baby cool in hot weather all summer long, whether you’re beaching, playing in the park, or simply napping at home. So, let’s dive in.

    How to Keep Baby Cool in Hot Weather During the Day

    Helping your baby stay cool on a hot day in the summer can often feel like a juggling act. For instance, although you should keep your baby dressed in light, breezy c

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  10. How to Dress a Baby in Summer

    How to Dress Baby in Summer

    Oh, summer— it’s the season for cookouts and beach trips, picnics and pool days. These seasonal occasions seem to be even more special when you’ve got a baby in tow.

    While it can be tempting to doll up your little babies for every summertime event, it's important to be mindful of how to keep baby cool in hot weather. From baby girl rompers and sun hats to sunscreen and baby girl onesies, we've put together our top tips to keep your baby looking sweet as a watermelon and feeling cool as a cucumber all summer long.

    Read on for our expert guide on how t

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